Skincare Rules to Follow Before and After Your Workouts

When it comes to our health and our looks, there aren’t many things we would do or try, and perhaps the best way to describe how much our looks matter is the fact that first impressions are made in just several seconds when you meet someone new or when at a job interview. That is why we simply want and need to feel and look like the best versions of ourselves all the time.

Now, there are many products on the market that can help us with that, but that diversity in the offer doesn’t necessarily mean that our choice is easier on the contrary. Namely, what studies have shown is that most people tend to stick to, for example, the skincare product they have already been using for some time now, and they don’t want to experiment. Of course, here it’s not just about having too many options to choose from and sticking with something you are familiar with, but a tremendous factor in our decision making is also that it is about our skin, our biggest organ that we want smooth and well moisturized, without having any side effects from using or experimenting with some new skincare product.

Exercising and skincare

Another thing you need to keep in mind when choosing the best body care product is how much you work out, what is your exercise routine, and whether your skincare products support sweating and releasing all those toxins in your body. Exercising plays a huge role in our lives, as it is a great way to stay in shape, release the tension and get rid of that build-up stress we endure on a daily basis. All this means that at least as much effort we place in working out, we should place on taking good care of our skin. Yes, this often gets overlooked, but it can be of great importance, and that is why we gathered some rules for you to follow before and after your workouts.

Before the workout


Cleaning the skin

A pre-workout routine is not about stretching and warming up, as it all takes place at home or at a gym locker when we clean our skin first.

Although it may sound unnecessary to clean our skin before the workout since it will get dirty again, it is a pretty important step that should not be skipped. We are pushing our body to its limits, and while doing so, sweat is a natural occurrence, and if our skin is not neat, the sweat can close pores and cause many health problems. Furthermore, we know we said how looking like the best versions of ourselves is a must, but we didn’t think about makeup, and leaving the makeup on is never a good idea because not only will it mess up after a while, it can also cause inflammation of the skin that can be pretty difficult to cure. Try to use unaggressive cleansers, or if you do not have any, use lukewarm water and gentle soap to make sure you remove it all.

Protection of the sun

Okay, this one applies only to those who prefer exercising outside, and yes, the rule is also for those who enjoy running in nature. Namely, working out in nature is a much better choice than going to the gym for people who love spending time outside but, we also need to adjust our preparation routine, and yes, it requires some special preparation. Our skin is exposed to the sun rays while we exercise outside, and because of that, we need to provide necessary protection to it.

That means that putting some sunscreen on is a must before leaving the house, or we can easily end up with severe sunburns. It is necessary even during the cold season because the sun can be dangerous all the time, and the higher factor of protection we choose, the better it is. Make sure that the sunscreen is sweatproof to avoid putting it on every 15 minutes during working out, and do not forget to put it on every part of the body exposed to the sun. We also must add that using moisturizers before training is never a good idea as it will close the pores and prevent the evaporation of water.

After the workout


Take a bath

Showering after spending time in the gym is a must, but taking a cool bath is so much better for both relaxing and your muscles. Taking a calming bath after hard exercising has a double effect as it can help us relax our muscles but also clean our skin. In that way, we can clean the sweat from the whole body, and since we change our clothes, we can be sure that all the toxins are removed. If you do not have enough time to relax in the hot tub, regular showering can be a great substitution, but it is crucial to wash after exercising.

 Stay hydrated

Our whole body, including our skin, is losing a lot of water during working out, and it is crucial to be well hydrated. Besides drinking enough water, we need to use proper products to moisturize our skin and avoid its dryness. Luckily, there are a lot of them adjusted to each skin type, and all we need is to choose the one that suits us the most. Of course, you would want to go with natural skincare products from respectable and renowned body care suppliers and manufacturers, like

Cleaning the face


We already mentioned how our appearance is important, but the leading role there is our face. It is the most sensitive part of our bodies, and because of that, it is crucial to provide necessary care, which implies cleaning it right after the workout session to remove all the sweat and impurities. We should do that with a gentle cleanser and avoid the ones that contain aggressive ingredients because they can cause more harm than good, especially to those with sensitive skin.