How Do You Check if My Skincare Product Is Authentic?

When it comes to skincare products, you need to ensure you are using ones of the highest quality. This isn’t only important because they need to be effective, but you also need to be sure they won’t cause any red spots. It is why people usually stick to the merchandise they already know suits their skin.

However, the problem arises when you want to try some new products from another brand. Unfortunately, counterfeit items are very common nowadays, and spotting them can be tricky, especially if you opt for online shopping. Still, there are some things you can check, and we will discuss them in the following article.

Choose a reputable seller

It doesn’t matter if you enjoy wandering the mall and inspecting the merchandise in every store, or you prefer buying everything you need online in a matter of minutes. You always need to go with a reputable seller. They will never sell you a counterfeit product, so you won’t have to debate whether or not you are getting your money’s worth. As you know, this is not the case with e-commerce stores. We are not saying you should never buy anything from them, but instead that you need to be careful. Plus, reputable sellers can usually give you some tips and help you choose the right item for your skin. Suppose you don’t have enough time to inspect every serum meticulously. In that case, this can prove to be a significant benefit and, therefore, another reason why you should always go with a business that have been around for quite some time.


Check the label

If you got a product as a birthday gift or are suspicious of its authenticity for whatever reason, the first thing you should check is the label. One could say that these are created professionally, but this is not exactly true. Counterfeiters use the same colors, shades, and typography, but if you can rub it off these easily with your finger, you can rest assured the product is not original. What’s more, these features may only seem to be the same. If you have a keen eye, you should be able to notice the difference. What’s more, then often times misspell the brand’s or product’s name. On the other hand, you can always visit the original label on the company’s website and compare the two.

Examine packaging

This is probably the most important thing you have to do if you opt for buying skincare merchandise online. When the package arrives, don’t just open it and apply the product immediately. Instead, take your time to check every detail on it. As already mentioned, you should start with the label and then move to the overall condition of the packaging. Minor damage can occur during transportation, but if you notice the safety seals are missing or that there isn’t a quality certificate that is always included, the item is probably not authentic. These are some obvious telltale signs you should send the package back and ask for a refund.


Think about the price

The rule ‘if it is too good to be true, it probably is’ applies here. If an ad pops up advertising your favorite skincare product for only a fraction of the price you usually pay, it is almost certainly a counterfeit. There is a reason those items can be quite expensive, and no one is going to decrease the price just for the sake of selling them. We are not talking about promotions and discounts that reputable sellers offer once in a while. If you stumble across one of these, you should take full advantage of it and stock up. However, you should steer clear of businesses that offer these items at ridiculously low prices.

Go over the serial number

This is another great way to see if the merchandise you got is authentic or not. Every bottle and container comes with a unique serial number, and you should check it before using the product. There are several ways you can do this. Firstly, there are various websites online that enable you to check the authenticity and the manufacturing date of merchandise. Secondly, numerous brands offer the same feature on their websites, so make sure to use it. Why are we talking about the manufacturing date? Well, every item has a limited shelf life, and sometimes you can end up getting the one that is expired. When it comes to reputable sellers, in most cases, this occurs by accident, and they will be happy to correct the mistake by sending you a new serum or returning the money. Nevertheless, since checking this is an option, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do it.


Investigate the brand

If you are thinking about collaborating with a new brand, you should do a quick background check. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about their e-commerce store or not. Every company nowadays has a website, and you should scroll through it to obtain some essential information. Start with the About Us page to learn about their business, and then move to the merchandise they offer. Keep in mind that if you cannot find all the details regarding the ingredients they include or the price, you should move on and look for another company. When it comes to the former, it goes without saying that you should only use Natural Skincare Products. Finally, make sure to read the reviews on their page. This way, you will learn everything you need to know not only about the products but also how they conduct their business, see if they are reliable, and so on.

Wrapping up

To sum up, these are the most effective tips and tricks you can use to check if the merchandise you just got is original. You need to be sure that these are of top quality because the counterfeit ones can cause severe skin damage if used over an extended period of time. So take your time to check the brand, the seller, and obviously, the list of ingredients the product includes.