Is It Better to Do Cryotherapy Before or After a Workout

Working out is beneficial for everyone, but we all know that no matter if we are doing it professionally or we just want to keep our looks or our health in top condition, sometimes we can experience injuries or even huge strain after the exercise. If you want to promote faster healing and if you want to be able to go back to your routine in no time, then you should explore cryotherapy. Keep on reading to find out what the benefits of this are, and if it is better to do cryotherapy before or after a workout.


Benefits of the process

There are many advantages to cryotherapy, not only when you exercise, but also in your normal, day-to-day life. This therapy is recommended for pretty much everyone, and even though you should talk to your GP or your therapist about which is the right way to go depending on your condition, it has been noted that it can help many people, no matter if they want to just improve their lives or they want to help cure the symptoms or the condition they live with.

The main advantage of this process is that it can help avoid or cure pains, including numbness, migraines, and back and neck pain, and it can also help with swelling and irritation. It can also help prevent pain in the muscles after an exercise, and it can help you avoid strain and even injuries.

With cryotherapy, you will also prevent and cure different skin conditions, and it is said that it can also lift up your mood and even give you energy and increase your stamina. In case you injure yourself while working out, with this process, you will be able to speed up the recovery process, and promote faster healing. Nevertheless, it all depends on the type of injury you have, and you will need to talk to your GP about what is recommended for your current state.


When should you do it?

There are many studies and researches done to see if this method is recommended before or after exercising. If you choose to do it before you start your session, you will improve your flexibility and the oxygen in your blood will be increased. This would mean that your range of motion is higher and you should be able to do more exercises with ease. However, your muscles will be much more susceptible to injuries, and the likelihood of you straining them is much higher.

Experts suggest that if you want to get all the benefits and minimize most of the risks, you should do cryotherapy only after you finish your workout. This way you will be able to promote faster muscle recovery, you will minimize the soreness, and you will avoid any cramps or long-term pain and discomfort. There are not many negative things to this process, except the fact that after you are done with cryotherapy you will once again feel energized and you will want to do any more workout sessions.

As you can see, it is always better to undergo this treatment after a workout, and unless your therapist recommends otherwise, you should not visit the chamber before you hit the gym. With these sessions, you are less likely to get injured and you are more likely to want to stay in shape and do more for your health and body.