What Should You Wear for Your First Airsoft Game

Airsoft games can be pretty entertaining for children, but also for adults who are passionate about this type of activity. Many of them ask what should they wear, and if they need to invest in gear, or they can simply stick to the clothes and equipment the playground provides. We can also say that the usual clothing includes camouflage clothes, boots, but also protection gear, no matter the age of the players. But, if you are a beginner, you don’t need to go with that advanced gear, especially if you aren’t sure if you want to do that regularly. Many of those who got addicted to this game, invest in quality clothing and weapons, so they can get into the game more passionately.

The clothes you wear should be comfortable enough to let you move freely. In the beginning, you can rent clothes, but many fields don’t offer this option right now, due to the conditions during the pandemic. Also, you have budget options, but also more expensive ones, so you can choose what do you really want, and get ready for your game. Include enough tactical clothes and gear, so you can enjoy the game without any risk.

Before you proceed with buying clothes and signing up for games, you can read the most important information related to airsoft on websites like softair.blog, and write down a list of what do you have to buy and how to get prepared for your first mission.
Here are our suggestions on how to do that:

1. Always pay attention to the eye gear

You must protect your eyes, and that’s mandatory – you don’t even have a choice at this point. Don’t go for cheap eye protection, because it can easily be damaged during the game, but at the same time, you don’t need to spend a lot for the first game. Probably you can find some product that’s a nice balance between the price and durability, and actively use it for a few games, before you decide to replace it with another pair of glasses or goggles. There are even completely covering masks for the whole head, which includes additional protection for the eyes too. Don’t get your eyes exposed during the game, no matter how safe it seems. This adventure may result in tiny injuries, like bruises or scratches, but don’t let something like that happens to your eyes.

2. Invest in a good pair of boots

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You need to take care of the footwear, so you can protect your ankles and feet. The hiking boots are a good choice, but as time goes by, you can go for a professional choice. Don’t rent the shoes they have there, because they are already worn by someone else, and it may hurt your feet, and stop you from running freely and perform well enough during the game.

3. The clothes must be thick enough to protect you from injuries

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As an individual, you need to take care of the protection gear you are wearing during the airsoft game because it can hurt really bad if you get hit. Try to cover as much as you can, so there is less skin exposed. It will make you sweat, but it’s easier for you to take a shower instead of going to the hospital and explain to them how did you get hurt.

In the beginning, you can go with long-sleeve shirts and a pair of jeans, but as time goes by, you will get more confident in the game, and you will expose yourself more to the risks of getting hit. Once you feel ready for that, you can go and buy professional clothing for this type of activity.

4. Wear gloves

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You need to protect your hands too because they can easily become a target to your opponents. Your arms and hands will get hit a lot of times during the game, but you will still need them to play properly, so make sure you wear a nice pair of gloves, so you can avoid situations like that. At this point, you can rent them from the field, so you can see how things go. Once you get used to them, you can buy a quality pair for yourself.

The importance of quality airsoft wear

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No matter you don’t use a real weapon, you can indeed get hurt, and not just by the hits. The field is also full of risks for those who run all the time and trying to escape the hitters. If you have good clothes and equipment, you can move freely and easily hide from the opponents. If only one thing is uncomfortable, you won’t be able to do all those things, and you can easily become their target.

Also, the gloves can protect your nails too, since the whole game is unpredictable, and you can meet a lot of risky situations, even when you don’t even hope for them. So, invest in quality gear if you want to play airsoft regularly.

They will provide enough protection to your body, and when it comes to footwear, the proper boots will improve the body posture and help you maintain a good balance as you stand, walk, or run.
Airsoft clothes can be found in professional stores. It’s on you to choose the brand you prefer, and pay the price you can afford. Keep in mind that you can always get club deals or membership prices, so use all the things you can to land your hands on exceptional airsoft gear.

Our final words

Keep in mind that this is an entertaining activity, and you don’t have to attack your friends to get what do you want, and to win, of course. Create a good team, and choose your opponents. When it comes to the clothes and additional equipment, you can really go for affordable, but still quality products, or rent them for the first two or three games. After that, you are ready to do it all by yourself.