5 Reasons Why Athletes Wear Rubber Wristbands

Comfortable to wear, elastic, colorful, and stylish are only some attributes of rubber wristbands. Since they’re so distinctive and diverse, you can see them on the wrists of people of all ages and walks of life, and this includes athletes as well. But, why do athletes choose to wear these rubber bracelets? Does it help them with how well they play? Here is a list of the top 5 reasons why athletes wear these bracelets around their wrists:

Source: si.com

1. They Can Promote Their Team…

Traditional wristbands, ones manufactured from different sweat-absorbing materials have been used by sportsmen for decades as a means for them collecting sweat from their foreheads, however, rubber wristbands have an entirely different purpose. Since they’re manufactured from rubber – most commonly silicone – they cannot absorb sweat, instead, they can be used for promoting a specific team. For instance, you might see the NBA’s MVP Nikola Jokic sporting a wristband with his team’s logo and name on it.

2. …But, They Can Use Them For Raising Funds as Well

Besides promoting their teams, athletes also choose to wear rubber wristbands for supporting different charity causes and raising funds. In fact, Lance Armstrong was, perhaps, the first sportsman to wear a bright yellow wristband as a way to support individuals living with cancer. The tradition has, of course, remained, and because of this, you can now see athletes from every field wearing such bracelets for supporting foundations, charities, and for raising funds.

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3. They Can Easily Be Customized

Another beneficial thing about these rubber bracelets is that they can be easily customized. What does this mean? Well, it basically means that athletes can choose to place whatever they want on them. Some have even opted for creating their own lines of rubber wristbands and instead of selling them, they give them away to fans during matches, games, and competitions – something that a lot of fans appreciate.

4. They Can Promote Specific Services

Besides promoting their teams and the charities different sportsmen support, they can also be utilized for promoting the services of various companies. Currently, companies that sponsor teams or specific athletes choose to give them away freely just so that they could promote their products and/or services. Such bracelets usually feature a logo and name of the company, as well as the message that they want to spread.

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5. They’re Great Accessories!

Last on our list, but equally beneficial as everything else we’ve mentioned is the fact that rubber wristbands can also be used as accessories! Since they’re so diverse and since they can be entirely customized, athletes can now wear these bracelets with other jewelry, meaning that they don’t need to take their promotional wristbands off if they’re, for example, attending a specific event, including red carpet events.


Although you might not realize it, rubber bracelets are worn by athletes mostly because they allow them to easily and quickly promote their teams, a charity organization, as well as a specific company that might be sponsoring them. Besides this, they’re also incredibly versatile and can be customized, which is why they can easily be combined with other jewelry and accessories worn by different athletes.