Keto HEAL Clinics Suddenly Close

According to a post on Reddit, the owner of the Keto HEAL Clinic in Brooklyn, New York posted on Facebook that the clinic had closed its doors. “Just closed a few minutes ago. Thank you all for the love and support! It’s been a journey. I’m sorry you have to go through this,” he wrote. The clinic had only been open since October 2017 and had run on a strict ketogenic diet. The owner also said that he would be working on a keto diet for his entire family and had even created an entire Keto HEAL Clinic branch in Dubai.

Keto HEAL Clinics, which offer ketogenic diet therapy to those wanting to lose weight, are closing. There are currently 30 clinics in the US. While some may have been forced to shut down, the official reason given is that the clinics are not sustainable. This is the third small business to shut down in the past few weeks.

The keto HEAL Clinics of America is a health and wellness center that is known for its individually tailored programs to help people with different health problems. According to its website, the Ketogenic Eating and Lifestyle programs are based on a low-carbohydrate and keto diet and eating plan.. Read more about keto-friendly doctors near me and let us know what you think.

Dr. Eric Westman co-founded a network of clinics in the United States that follow low-carbohydrate diets under medical supervision, but it announced this week that it is closing down because its economic model is unsustainable.

Dr. Westman, a well-known researcher and physician who helped pioneer the low-carb movement, said he still believes in the keto lifestyle’s advantages, but that the high-quality health services that clinics used to provide their patients are no longer able to profit on the current keto craze.


Dr. Westman’s views were stated in a video uploaded on the company’s website and in a FAQ put on the website on May 31, 2019.

My goal has always been to spread the word about the keto lifestyle’s advantages, including drug-free remission of type 2 diabetes and obesity. In this respect, I trust that the HEAL clinics have aided in the education and dissemination of information. However, we have determined that HEAL clinics are not financially sustainable as a business model.

Dr. Westman says in the video that the decision to shutter the business occurred after its CEO, Richard Kofler, died on May 20th, 2019. Richard Kofler had left for solely personal reasons to explore other professional possibilities. In 2014, Kofler joined the business and was named CEO in 2018. Mr. Kofler, according to Mr. Westman, has played a key role in formulating and executing the company’s business plan as well as obtaining money. The board of directors of HEAL Clinics, according to Dr. Westman, felt unable to continue the company following his departure.

Patients, investors, and the worldwide low-carb community were all taken aback by the news. Many people expressed their sorrow on the HEAL Clinics Facebook page and praised Dr. Westman for his 15 years of hard work in promoting the advantages of a low-carb diet.

However, several individuals showed worry, anxiety, and even rage, even those who believed in the advantages of low-carb diets. Indeed, the firm was aggressively advertising investment possibilities in the clinics via an Internet public offering just a month ago. Why didn’t they shut down the HEAL clinics before receiving fresh funding? The following is taken from the FAQ:

We were certain that an IPO would enable us to continue operating as long as our financial strategy generated a positive cash flow. This is clearly not the case. We agreed that it was in everyone’s best interests to halt the company’s losses and liquidate it while we still had enough cash to pay the bills and make a gentle landing.

Any money left after the settlement of final accounts would be refunded to shareholders on a pro rata basis, according to the company’s website. Patients with an active clinic membership may also be reimbursed for leftover products and get an email with a list of medical resources to assist them maintain their low-carb diet.

The patients, the founders, the physicians and employees who worked in the clinics, as well as the old and new investors who trusted in the company’s future, are all saddened by the news.


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After years of being the leading ketogenic diet clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, the Keto HEAL Clinic suddenly closed down last week.. Read more about low-carb practitioners directory and let us know what you think.