How Sue stopped her lifelong battle with food

Over the past 30 years, Sue has struggled with her weight and her weight has been a constant nagging issue. She has tried all the diets, all the fad diets, all the crash diets, and even a few quick fixes. She has also tried countless things to help her lose weight, including eating healthier and working out on a regular basis. She has tried all of them, and none of them have worked for her.

For the past 40+ years Sue has been battling with food. She has battled with her weight, metabolism, and overall health. Once she started to learn the truth about food and how the body reacts to it, she started to make changes. This journey has not only changed her life, but has given her hope.

When I was a kid, I just couldn’t wait to grow up: I knew I’d be a size 6 by the time I turned sixteen and that I’d have the perfect body. But as I got older, I started to lose my enthusiasm for my appearance. I wanted to be the best, but I didn’t feel the best. I had a mental battle with my body that started to eat away at my self-esteem. I felt like a failure, and I was convinced that my lack of confidence was my fault.

There is no Sou in this picture. I’ve never felt at ease in front of the camera. I’m not a fan of selfies.


Since she was a teenager, Sue has battled with her weight. When her doctor suggested that she try the keto diet, she had tried every other diet without results. They were then sent to the website. This is how it went down:

Hello there, gentlemen. I’d want to tell you about my experience.

I am a 60-year-old lady who is fortunate enough to reside in New Zealand’s lovely Bay of Plenty. Grass-fed colossal beasts! I’ve been married to Glenn for almost 30 years. Glen was diagnosed with diabetes when he was about 40 years old, which was unfortunate. He uses a lot of insulin on a regular basis.

Every morning, the first thing that sprang to mind was how unattractive and overweight I was.

I’ve been fascinated with improving my appearance since I was a youngster. He’s very frail. This would never happen in reality since my natural body is that of a plain English farmer. Despite this, my first thought every morning was how unattractive and overweight I was. This had an impact on my social interactions, and I grew more introverted and withdrew as a result. All of this seems a little egotistical, but I was just fascinated with fashion publications. As a teenager, I also had acne, braces, and glasses. Oh, the pleasure!

My metabolism decreased over time as I (like all of us) attempted every diet conceivable. I’ve never been a big drinker, but I do like food. Planet Carb is my go-to destination for emotional pleasure. This is a big planet.

When I was younger, I wasn’t overweight because my mother understood precisely what to eat and how much to eat on a budget. We were well-fed thanks to my father’s large fruit and vegetable farm.

After I left home in the late 1970s and found guys and takeout, my weight began to rise. When I was in my 40s, I went on lengthy hikes in New Zealand and lost weight.

In December 2017, it will resume. For six months, I was a vegetarian, and I felt like death had softened. I was paler, sadder, and heavier than I’d ever been before. I couldn’t do anything fascinating because of arthritis in my legs, and I found I had pre-diabetes and a low blood count. I was shocked.

Then something happened to alter my luck. I saw my doctor, who informed me about What the Fat, New Zealand’s equivalent of What Does. Magic. I proceeded on my way after purchasing his book. And I came upon your fantastic website.

My numerous bothersome symptoms have suddenly vanished.

I’ve dropped approximately 13 pounds and want to reduce another 7 pounds. I eat a somewhat low-carb diet and don’t keep track of anything more than the fundamentals you taught me. My numerous bothersome symptoms, such as reduced arthritic pain, reflux, tiredness, and so on, have all but vanished, and my overall pleasure has returned. – My numerous bothersome symptoms, such as decreased arthritic pain, reflux, tiredness, and so on, have all but vanished, and I’ve regained my overall cheerfulness. I can now walk for hours.

I was diagnosed with shingles in June of this year. It hasn’t been a pleasant experience, but I am certain that the LCHF diet’s increased health and immunity helped me overcome this illness fast. I was allowed to start using my pain medications six weeks following my diagnosis, and I’m doing well. Wow.

Of course, I’d want Glenn to follow the LCHF diet as well, but it’ll take time. I get her there (by eating properly, making minor adjustments like using butter and olive oil, etc.) and then I abandon the obesity code. He’s interested since he knows I’m feeling better. In addition, this subject fascinates my sister and a close friend. I’m trying not to romanticize this new diet too much – it’s all too easy to romanticize members of the cult I so much want to join (did someone say vegan?). But it’s really delectable!! Now is a wonderful time to live. I never think about food; all I think about is, “Yum, what are we having tonight?”

My greatest issue at first was with my own mind. It took me a long time to embrace the new diet (low carbohydrates, high fat) since I had been indoctrinated by all the junk I had collected over the previous 40 years. Of course, I wish I’d known all of this sooner, but I’m glad to have learned it now. I wish I had realized how simple it was and how unconcerned these dieters were.

Please accept my apologies, but I am not a paid member. I took advantage of the free call and paid for a month to learn all I could, but my family and I are on a limited income. I thank the amazing individuals who pay to read your site and enable me to do so; their and your support is much appreciated.

Thank you to everyone on the team for their hard work – it’s truly appreciated.

Sincerely, Sue.


Sue, thank you for sharing your uplifting story! Also, congrats on your accomplishment!


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