3 Ways Diabetic Patients May Benefit from Hyperbaric Medicine

Hyperbaric medicine has several benefits and uses. There are three main ways that people who have diabetes can improve their well-being with hyperbaric oxygen treatment. The treatment can improve blood flow, decrease swelling, and speed up wound healing.

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What Is Hyperbaric Medicine?

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment, or HBOT, takes place in a special chamber. To begin your hyperbaric medicine treatment, you enter the chamber and relax. The chamber will pressurize and you will breathe in pure oxygen. The 100% pure oxygen that is provided in the chamber during treatment will be absorbed by your body. When your body absorbs the oxygen it will be more proficient in healing.

While HBOT is not a cure for cancer or diabetes, it can be used to build your immune system, treat a variety of ailments, and improve your overall health. The FDA has approved HBOT to treat 14 conditions. Treatable conditions that are specifically related to diabetes include enhanced wound healing, diabetic foot ulcers, diabetic neuropathy, and diabetic retinopathy.

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Improve Your Body’s Blood Flow

A lack of blood flow and circulation can have terrible effects on your body. If you have diabetes, then you have a higher risk of developing limb and organ damage.

High blood sugar levels due to diabetes can damage small blood vessels and slow down blood flow. The organs that are most at risk are the heart, liver, kidneys, and eyes. At-risk limbs include your arms and legs as well as your hands and feet.

It is possible to improve your overall blood flow through HBOT. Making improvements will lessen the impact that diabetes has on your limbs, organs, and blood vessels. HBOT helps your body form new blood vessels. When your body has healthy blood vessels, it can maintain proper blood flow.

HBOT promotes blood vessel growth by supplying the body with 100% pure oxygen in the chamber throughout the treatment process. During HBOT you will lay in the chamber for 60 to 120 minutes. The increase in oxygen will help facilitate the growth of new and healthy blood vessels.

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Decrease Swelling

Swelling that is left untreated can become extremely painful. It can also slow down the body’s blood flow and impair healing. During HBOT, your body’s cells are supplied with oxygen.

The increase in oxygen allows your body to naturally reduce painful swelling and inflammation. The blood cells in your body are responsible for bringing oxygen to the inflamed tissues. When the oxygen level increases in the tissues, the swelling will decrease.

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Speed Up Wound Healing

In addition to building new blood vessels and decreasing swelling, HBOT is used to speed up the body’s ability to heal. Wound healing without any treatment can be a huge setback for diabetic care. It is a slow and difficult process. Successful treatment can result in quicker wound healing, a less painful recovery, and a lower risk of infection.

When there is increased blood flow and decreased swelling, the body has a better chance of healing its wounds. Oxygen helps the body increase its white blood cell count. The bacteria that thrive in low-oxygen conditions will also begin to die off after each session. HBOT is proven to be safe and effective at treating diabetic foot wounds.

Benefit From Hyperbaric Treatment

Treatment in a hyperbaric chamber is non-invasive, painless, and safe. Work with your doctor to use hyperbaric medicine as part of your treatment plan. You can benefit from increased blood flow and decreased swelling. Your body’s wound healing abilities will speed up, too. You can promote healing in your body while enjoying the benefits HBOT has to offer at a treatment center near you.