Why Is Physical Activity Important for Cancer Patients?

We all know that exercise is beneficial and it improves on all spheres of life. When we exercise and eat healthy foods, we are lowering the risk of getting some diseases, becoming obese and we improve sleep and are more focused and productive.

Exercise also reduces the risk of anxiety and depression and feel much better in general. But what about cancer patients? Having cancer is not a walk in the park. Motivating yourself to do anything can be really difficult from the moment that you are told this awful disease is in your body.

Are exercise linked with cancer treatment? Does it have benefits? Does it have downsides? What should you know about exercising when you are a cancer patient?

Read more to find out how these two link together:

Talk to Your Doctor

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First and foremost, the type of cancer you have and the stage you are at are crucial for determining your next steps in the treatment process. Never start exercising by yourself, without talking to a doctor previously because that may have some adverse effects.

If you are allowed to do some exercises, the doctor will tell you which intensity is OK and for how many times a week you should train. Some other factors that are taken into consideration are your general level of fitness and your other health problems. Visiting a cancer shop and equipping yourself with tools that are used for exercises is something for you to consider before you start.

Sometimes, rest is the best option and you shouldn’t force yourself or go against what your doctor recommends doing.

Different Types of Exercises

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We often link exercises with weight lifting and it doesn’t have to be that. Some of the other forms of exercises that are usually practiced among cancer patients include:

Not all of these may be recommended to you and they can be tailored to your personal needs and abilities. Any form of exercise is better than none. Not only does it help your physical help, but you forget about the ugly fact that you have cancer once you focus on exercising.

Boost Your General Health

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If you are a cancer survivor, you need to gradually return back to normal and that involves building back your strength and overall fitness. You will do so with training, but it is important that you start slowly.

Even after your cancer treatment is finished, you will still have some checks and be closely monitored. In these stages, listen to doctors and start introducing things one step at a time. Walking for a bit might be one of the first exercises you do and after which you can extend your distance.

As months pass by, you can even start running and do some light weight training until you are back to normal.


Exercising help cancer patient in a number of ways – being in better shape helps you beat cancer more easily and it also have a mental component to it. By being able to do things by yourself, you will get the necessary encouragement to push through this dark phase of your life. But, never do any of the exercising without your doctor’s approval.