How Long Does It Take For A Food Intolerance To Show Up?

Food intolerance can often be the trigger for some other diseases. Therefore, it is significant to recognize the problem in time. And how long will it take us to start suspecting it?

Do You Have Food Intolerance?

Intolerance to food, or certain foods, or their ingredients, is increasingly being detected in the human population. Well-known athletes are most responsible for popularizing food intolerance as the cause of a wide specter of digestive problems – because they saw them as a trigger on the proper functioning of the digestive system – even with a carefully designed, healthy diet that is their daily routine. Then the public wondered – is intolerance to some types of food that we consume every day the cause of the problems that we also feel? How do we know whether we are food intolerant, and how long does it take for food intolerance to show up?


How Long It Takes Us To Notice It?

It doesn’t take much time at all. Just a few hours after eating a certain type of food that you are intolerant to is enough. The problem and confusion are created by the symptoms – which will not encourage you to think at all whether you may be intolerant to some type of food. Namely, the symptoms are similar to some other problems, so we do not pay enough attention to them. Flatulence can be one of the key symptoms – but most of us will say: “I have been eating too much”, or “It fell hard on my stomach.” Few of us will think we are intolerant of our favorite foods.

However, these symptoms can sometimes have a prolonged effect, even for a few days – and this is usually an alarm signal to do a food intolerance test. This test is important to take not only because of possible digestive problems – but also because of overall health. Namely, digestive problems are sometimes the initial indicators for some more serious health conditions such as Crohn’s disease or various types of malignancy. Therefore, it is very important to be responsible.

Why Is It Important To Check If We Are Food Intolerant?

By consciously participating in what and which foods we use – we take control and responsibility for our health. We also need to know that food intolerance can occur at any time and in any of us. Then, we will be able to eliminate the chance of getting sick and improve the quality of our own lives.


Diet: The Key To Health But And To Illness

Diet can become one of the important factors in the fight against the disease. Many people say that health comes through your stomach. Unfortunately, so does the disease. Numerous chronic diseases and health problems, such as diseases of the digestive, cardiovascular system, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, immune disorders, etc. – very much depend on lifestyle, our knowledge, life habits, and behavior. Knowledge and active participation in the selection of foods that we use as food is a great start in preventing disease – or a great additional therapy when the disease is already disrupting our daily functioning.