Online Sports Mediation Services: How Technology Is Improving Access to Justice for Athletes and Sports Organizations

Sports is ever-evolving, and so are the ways in which disputes are resolved in the industry. Court litigation is a well-known method, but it can be lengthy, costly, and not accessible to all athletes and sports organizations. As legal technology advances, online sports mediation services have become a popular alternative for dispute resolution. Online sports … Read more

Can Boosting Your Brain Lead to a Better Workout?

You all know what time it is – it’s the holiday season. It’s that time of year to spend unprecedented amounts of time with your family catching up, watching ungodly television, and, most importantly, eating. While the holiday season brings about a significant amount of joy, it can also bring about considerable stress. And what … Read more

“School Streets” Can Cut Air Pollution Near Children

Air pollution significantly impacts schoolchildren because their immune system is still developing. In East London, a 2019 study showed that over 2,000 schoolchildren residing in places with the highest levels of dirty air grew smaller lungs. Earlier this year, the US Health Effects Institute provided evidence showing a definitive link between asthma in children and … Read more