Fitness New Years Resolution- Here Is How A Swimming Pool Can Help You Achieve That Goal!

It’s a brand new year, and with it comes a brand-new opportunity to turn your life around and accomplish the goals you’ve always wanted to.

If you’ve failed in your previous New Year’s resolutions, don’t fret. Some people simply find the idea of driving to the gym, and hunkering down with a piece of heavy equipment boring. There are lots of ways to get fit, some more fun than others.

The key is to get started on a routine that works for you, is fun, and doesn’t seem like a slog.

A Fibreglass Swimming Pool can be a great tool in helping you with resolutions. Swimming is a little unique. You receive health benefits even if you don’t break a sweat. As long as you show up to the pool, you’re sure to notice benefits. This article will look at the top ways your swimming pool can help you achieve your New Year’s fitness resolutions.

A Swimming Pool Makes Exercise Fun


The single most important facet in accomplishing a goal is to simply show up every single day.

Whatever your goal is, learn to take it one day at a time and simply show up. Don’t worry if you don’t perform as well as you would’ve liked to. Just do it.

Most people find morning exercise a drag, but swimming is a completely different beast altogether. Getting into the water first thing in the morning shocks your immune system and wakes you up. Your body produces chemicals to ensure your mind is alert and awake the moment you hit the water and this can help you kick-start a regular new routine of morning exercise.

Take the time for a quick swim before breakfast, every single morning. This will ensure you build up a habit that will help you a ton in the long run.

A Swimming Pool Makes You Flexible And Resistant To Injuries


Flexibility is a criminally underrated part of every fitness routine. It’s important to be able to move your body along its full range-of-motion to keep your lymphatic system healthy and active. Unlike a gym routine, which isolates body parts and forces you to build muscles in a Frankenstein-like manner, a swimming routine builds overall musculature.

Sure, swimming isn’t as great as yoga or Pilates, but what do you do when you swim? You lengthen your body and move forward. You stretch out your arms in wide arcs. Your hips move in a scissor-like movement and your head moves side to side. This engages your entire body and moves it through a complete range of motion that makes your ligaments and tendons stay loose and limber. This flexibility will transfer over to activities other than swimming as well.

A Swimming Pool Instills The Mindfulness Needed To Pursue Your Goals

Most people use their swimming pools for recreation and exercise, but you can use it to strengthen your mind-body connection as well.

There is something primal and primitive about laying back on the water, looking up at the stars above and letting yourself lapse into a calm, meditative state surrounded by water.

During a swim, you can practice controlled breathing which also helps strengthen the mind-body connection and is noted to even improve depressive markers.

Regular bouts of meditation practice in a swimming pool can seriously improve your mental health and make you calmer and less anxious.

A Swimming Pool Can Help You Sleep Like A Baby


Sleep deprivation can be fatal. Sleep is the most important healing function that most people neglect.

You can lose fat, increase tone/muscle, and live longer as well if you sleep soundly every single day.

And swimming is scientifically documented to improve sleep.

Regular intervals of swimming is a great low-impact exercise that can help even the most out-of-shape individuals exercise without strain. The water lifts your entire body up and helps it along its movements. And with a swimming pool right at home, such as Flōridian, you no longer have the excuse of needing to go to a gym to improve your fitness. Simply jump into the pool when you can, practice routine steady state cardio or interval-based swimming laps around the pool for a fantastic workout.

You just need a few minutes every day to ensure a blissful nights sleep.

A Swimming Pool Fixes Aches And Pains


If you’re like most adults, you probably have tight lower back muscles that result from sitting around all day and being sedentary. Well, swimming is possibly the perfect way to relax and stretch out your back. When you submerge yourself in water, it provides light resistance that assists the integrity of your spine. Even people with sciatica find that swimming helps their spine stability in the long run because of the low-impact resistance it places on your spine. A good workout delivers quality oxygen to your sore back muscles and provides short-term relief with real long-term benefits.

Being suspended in water will let you twist your body into positions that can loosen up joints and muscles that contributes to lower back pain.

Recovery is as important a part in fitness as is moving forwards. So take advantage of the healing benefits that swimming offers.

A Swimming Pool Allows You To Have Fun While Staying Active


You need to find a joy in the journey, not just the destination, if you want to stick with exercise in the long run.

A swimming pool is the perfect example of this. You don’t need complex exercise regimens and plans. All you need is a swimming pool, maybe some friends, and you’re off.

Unstructured fun activities will instill a love for exercise in the long run and is more practical in teaching most people discipline.

Fun is simple. Fun works. Water sports at least twice a week should be enough to notice significant improvements in your cardiovascular health, mental health, flexibility, and sleep routine.

The effects of simple, fun activities in the waters has compounding positive benefits in the long run. Simply devote yourself to having more fun in the water, and fitness results will naturally follow.