Ways to Protect Yourself From EMFs

EMF or Electro Magnetic Fields are created by an electronic device and those can be hurtful for our organism with prolonged and continuous exposure. Most of us are aware of which devices in our possession create these but somehow, we are more concerned about the benefits we reap from those rather than the bad things they deliver along the way.

Two things that make us, almost non-functional, these days are our smartphones and Wi-Fi. We couldn’t imagine our lives without lights, Bluetooth, radio clocks, lamps and other electrical things around our home, but smartphone and Wi-Fi is something we couldn’t function without. Although all electrical devices emit some form and certain strength EMFs, smartphones and Wi-Fi are constantly near us and constantly in use which makes these two the biggest dangers regarding these fields. TVs and PC screens are also a danger and the chargers that we conveniently hold right next to us or right next to our heads are slowly but surely eating away at our cells.

The fields of energy that these devices emit affect our bodies in many different ways. What most of us experience, but aren’t aware of is that it affects small things like sleep, energy levels, emotions and all other things that we usually attribute to many other things.

The article today will address this and will tell you some of the ways you can protect yourself from EMFs and we will start with the most obvious one.


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When it comes to these you need to consider the time you are using these and you need to make sure that you use them as less as possible, whenever that is possible. Smartphones became pretty important in our lives and some of us think of smartphones as an extra hand if we like. This is where the problems start and this is where you need to think about this as much as possible. Business people tend to use their phones a lot and there is so much you can do to fight that. What you may want to consider is not bringing that phone to your ears and head all the time. You can opt for something like emf blocking earbuds where you get the benefit of using your phone normally and the benefit of blocking all of the EMFs around you. this way you are not paralyzed, you can do your job, you can normally use your phone and you remain protected.

Another thing you can consider is to utilize the speaker system on your phone and communicate over that so you still manage to do what needs to be done without having to press that phone to your ears and head. This can be a problem when in crowded areas but whenever you can, try to do this.

Routers and Wi-Fi

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Another thing that goes hand in hand with smartphones, which are slowly becoming something we can’t live without, is the home or office routers and Wi-Fi. These are all around us, home, office, outside with the cell towers, repetiteurs and all kinds of technology that enhances these waves so they are accessible almost everywhere. What can you do to run away from these? Well, outside of your home, not much really. We are bombarded with these energy fields every day on the street in our office and there is not much we can do. You can go with some of those EMF-blocking bracelets, necklaces or anything similar to those and try them but we must warn you that most of those are scams and non-functional items. If you are going with these try to do your research and get some from reputable companies or sellers for the best effect.

When at home you can fight these very simply. Routers and Wi-Fi can be shut down, especially overnight when you don’t use them. The thing about these devices is that they are constantly blasting these waves at you no matter if you use them or not, so when you sleep try and turn them off and see the difference immediately.

All other devices in our household emit some sort of EMF since they are electrically powered and most of these are everywhere but what all of us can do is try to make an EMF sanctuary at our home and protect ourselves for at least 8 to 10 hours every night. What you can do, and what we already suggested is switch off some of these devices or put them on a timer so they switch off themselves at night.

You can also make sure you are some distance from them and this way you are protected to some extent because these EMFs don’t have the same strength and impact on certain ranges. Make sure your smartphones are at least 5 feet away from you and your bed at night, use EMF-protecting cases or try those EMF-protecting headphones or earbuds we mentioned before.

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If you are, stop using electric heating blankets at night because while they operate, they are creating and emitting EMFs that your body is soaking all night long. Move, if able all electric clock radios and lamps away from your bed and you will create a sleep sanctuary. With this, you will see that your sleep quality will improve and that your body will get the time it needs to reset itself to its baseline which it can’t achieve when you have constant and prolonged exposure to EMFs.

Some of these things are simple to do but you wouldn’t believe how much they mean and how quickly the effects of those changes you can feel. If you manage to proof your living space and create this sleeping sanctuary, in just a few days or weeks you will see how much your sleep has gotten better, you will see your energy levels go up and you will see that some of the things, we usually attributed to something else, disappeared almost overnight. Your emotional life and your energy will spike up and you will see things change for the better. All it needs is some determination, ingenuity and some will to take small steps to hugely improve your life.