9 Ways a Swedish Massage Will Improve Your Circulation & Promote Relaxation

We all deserve some pampering every now and then. We live stressful lives, and we operate on busy schedules, so relaxing every once in a while is absolutely necessary to maintain a healthy mind and body.

We don’t know about you, but as far as very concerned – a Swedish massage is where it’s at when it comes to first-rate, superior relaxation.

Now, we don’t want you to just take our word for it – we actually want to prove it to you. And, we will. By telling you all about different ways, a Swedish massage can improve your circulation and promote relaxation.

But, first, a few words on a Swedish massage.

What’s A Swedish Massage?

Interestingly enough, the term Swedish massage itself is quite inaccurate. Namely, this particular style of massaging wasn’t invented by a Swede, nor did it originate in Sweden.

The only reason why we call this style a Swedish massage was because it was popularized by a Swede called Peter Ling, the founder of the Royal Gymnastic Institute in Sweden. The massage style and technique itself is said to be invented and developed by a Dutch masseuse and medical practitioner, Johan Mezger.

As for what the Swedish massage entails – you’re just about to find out.

1. It Helps People Cope With Back Pain

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You can quite say that a Swedish massage “treats” back pain because it doesn’t, but it certainly helps people cope with it.

According to years of research and even more years of personal experiences, a massage therapy such as this one provides temporary and short-to-mid lasting relief of back pain – especially in the lower back.

By improving circulation in tense muscles in our lower backs, a Swedish massage can bring forth quite excellent results, which is why many people as so eager to get it.

2. It Helps Ease The Neck Pain

A massage, or as the Koreans like to say 마사지, is often quite useful when dealing with neck pain. Only a half-hour long session can alleviate neck pain for up to a few days, provided that the neck pain isn’t chronic.

For example, if you’ve slept in an awkward position or have kept your neck in a weird position at work, a single massage therapy session could help ease or even completely take that pain away.

3. It Will Help Take Away The Shoulder Pain

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Let’s say you’ve injured your shoulder playing sports, or you’ve come back from a backpacking trip, and your shoulders are feeling very sore and achy. A massage therapy session or two could help you get rid of that pain rather quickly.

By stimulating the muscles and other tissues in your shoulders, a Swedish massage therapist could improve your circulation and virtually take the pain away, leaving you in a blissful state of complete relaxation and joy.

4. It Will Offer Temporary Relief For Chronic Pain

Whether you’re dealing with general chronic pain or suffering from a semi-mysterious condition called fibromyalgia – Swedish massage therapy can help you out tremendously.

While it won’t be a long-term solution, getting massaged a few times a week will probably bring you more relaxation and joy than any pain killer or other medication would. Not to mention the complete absence of side effects that you’d usually get from taking pain meds.

Stimulating painful areas with a gentle massage will help ease the tension in the muscles, relax the cramps and alleviate the built-up stress, resulting in an at least temporary feeling of utter enjoyment.

5. It Might Treat Headaches

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Whether you’re suffering from frequent migraines or you’re just experiencing headaches from all the stress in your life – a Swedish massage could help you get some form of release.

Granted, long-term effects haven’t been properly studied, but it has been proven through practice that regular Swedish massage therapies help make migraines more bearable and less frequent.

As for regular headaches, a massage like this one is said to bring almost instant relaxation.

6. It Will Relax You Even If You’re Anxious

Anxiety is becoming one of the main problems of modern society because of the way we live. Thankfully, something as “simple” as a massage could help us cope with it.

The relaxing effects of a Swedish massage have been said to help people who suffer from anxiety go on about their day with much greater ease. Now, it isn’t uncommon for a massage to have positive effects on the levels of anxiety, but Swedish massage, in particular, has been said to be more than helpful in creating a safe and relaxed environment, both physically and mentally, for folks dealing with anxiety on a daily basis.

7. It Will Improve Your Posture

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Massage therapy will activate sedentary muscles in your back, but it will also relax and unwind those overstressed and overworked ones, resulting in a much better posture. Now, most people don’t really pay much attention to their posture, but faulty posture is the number one reason for pent up stress in your upper and lower back.

So, not only will a Swedish massage ease your back pain, but it will also prevent it by improving your posture.

8. It Will Improve Your Circulation

Most of these aforementioned positives stem from the fact that a Swedish massage improves your blood circulation. Having blood reach all parts of your body effectively will result in increased energy levels and overall betterment.

Even though this may not sound like something “relaxing” – it actually is. The more blood there is in your muscles, the better they will regenerate, meaning they’ll be less tense, they won’t hurt, and you’ll feel relaxed as a whole.

9. It Will Put You To Sleep

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You know that a massage is good when you fall asleep on the table, right? All jokes aside, regular massage therapy will improve your sleep tremendously, and no matter what anyone else says – nothing relaxes a person like a full night of rejuvenating sleep.


We could probably go on and on about all the other benefits of a Swedish massage, but we feel like these are more than enough to make you understand just how beneficial and relaxing it is.

Hopefully, this will encourage you to make an appointment and treat yourself to an hour of relaxation and good vibes because we know you deserve it.