Do This To Make The Most of A Full Moon

September 24th brings a Harvest Moon, here’s what you can do to make the most of this special full moon and achieve some mental clarity.


  • Tons of powerful energy – Full moons are consistently described as times of tremendous energy and emotions pouring onto us. When embraced, the power of the full moon is said to cleanse us of negativity and burden, allowing us to focus on what is important, like compassionate relationships and achieving our goals.
  • Four day period every month to be intentional – Approximately once a month there is a full moon, in 2018 there will be 13 total. Many astrologers and wellness experts believe the regularity and intensity of full moons makes it imperative for us be hyper diligent during these times. Although the moon is only technically full on one night, the powerful energy is believed to be present the day before and two days afterwards, meaning we should be conscientious for four days.
  • Chance to be better – The general consensus is that we are healthier, more sane and better balanced if we can learn to effectively channel full moon energy into positive and productive actions.


This Harvest Moon transitions us out of summer into fall, and out of Virgo season into Libra. Its meaning draws largely on its historic, practical meaning to farmers who used this moon to gather the summer crops that would nourish them through the darkness of winter. For our modern day application, it can be seen as a time for new beginnings, investing deep in what is working and letting go of what is not.

Spirit Daughter notes that “this Full Moon is the perfect start to the journey of Libra. Align you with what lights your soul on fire, then burn down anything that doesn’t. Connect deeply with what inspires and gives you the courage to live the life you were born to live…There is also a powerful healing aspect to this Full Moon as she is sitting next to Chiron, our wounded healer. Let this energy in, even if you feel triggered. Know that your wounds, and their healing process, are also part of who you are. When we ignore our wounds, we leave them unprotected and open to being poked by the world. Often anger arises when our boundaries are crossed and our wounds are triggered.  Let the energy from your past become your motivation to create, and protect, your future. One that feels right to your soul and makes you scream “hell yes” to everything in your life, including your partnerships”.


The themes of cleanse, calm, love, and energize are abundant in writings on full moon energy. The below list includes a diversity of activities that are aligned with those themes, but really the world is your oyster as long as you choose actions that honor those concepts.

  • [love] Practice compassion – MBG explains the importance of staying calm, being kind and practicing forgiveness as a necessity because full moons are “emotional fertilizer. If you can’t let something go and need to communicate it, try to postpone sharing your upset until at least two days after the full moon. Whatever happens at this time is multiplied”. Chani Nicolas encourages us to “face ourselves and the impact of our efforts with as much honesty, compassion, and accountability as possible”.
  • [calm] Meditate or do some breath work – Try to find some stillness and moments where your mind is not rushing with thoughts and tension. This will create an opportunity for the lunar energy to cleanse and restore you. If you must always be moving, check out these yoga poses for harnessing the moon’s power.
  • [energize] Focus on your goals and take action towards realizing them – This can look different for all of us. Options that appeal to me include:
    • Complete a task you’ve been putting off.
    • Journal about your progress towards long term goals via process goals. You can separate your goals into categories like: selfcare, community, professional, love / partnership, and organization.
    • Make a “dream or manifest board” where you use images and text to depict your path to fulfillment.
  • [cleanse] Detox – A detoxification of your physical body can complement your meditation and support a mental detox during full moon times. Opt for a sauna, infrared treatment, spa or dietary cleanse (skip booze, cut out animal products, fast, etc) to help your body feel more lightness and relief.
  • [cleanse] Purge – Use this moon as an opportunity to shed material or emotional items that no longer serve you or cause you grief. Options include:
    • Build a moon fire and burn troublesome possessions. Lisa Stardust suggests, “Stepping into our own power by writing a letter to the universe, stating one’s awesomeness—include your fundamental beliefs, constraints you wish to release, newness wanting to be brought in—then burning this manifesto into ether, will attract a fresh attitude. This is a chance to embrace your inner lioness. Roar to the moon, and show the world who is Queen of the jungle”.
    • Clean out your closet and practice love by donating the things you are shedding.
    • Declutter and rearrange your bedroom / living spaces according to feng shui principles.

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