4 Exercises To Make Your Penis Bigger

A singular quandary has baffled scientists and laymen alike for centuries: “How to make penis bigger?” Fret not about your current length. There may be things you can do to make it a bit bigger for your partner. For the most part, you should avoid pills because those may not be great for your heart, and surgeries may lead to infection, so consider performing exercises that increase size.  How does one exercise something that is not a muscle? Most of the process boils down to creating extra tissue in the penis that makes it slightly bigger. By creating small tears in penile tissue, one can increase one’s length.

Source: gq-magazine.co.uk

1. A Primary Exercise

One of the more popular techniques is known as jelqing, which is a very simple process by which more blood may move up the shaft and into the head of a penis.  Here is how it works.  Make a circle with your index finger and thumb.  Place that circle at the base of the penis where it meets the pelvic bone.  Make the circle as tight as possible without causing pain.  You should feel only pressure.  Straying into painful territory will not make it any longer.  Move the circle up the shaft past the head to the tip, maintaining the pressure for the entire length.  Simply perform this process every day for about 15 minutes.  While little research has suggested that jelqing makes people longer, and excessive jelqing may damage blood vessels if it is performed too tightly, maybe this process is simple and effective enough to work for you.

2. Combine Exercise With Stretching

Stretching requires an external device, but one may combine it with the previous exercise to lengthen a penis further.  This device is called a penile traction device, and it allows for a penis to be slightly overextended past erection length.  Strapping a flaccid penis to one of these devices and leaving it in there for several hours over the course of a few months may ultimately increase penile length by as many as three centimeters.  Some studies suggest an even greater increase in length, but some people have used these devices without seeing any ultimate results.

This device may be difficult to visualize, so some cursory instructions might shed light on how one goes about using it: Insert the penis into the open end of the device, securing the head with the vice at the opposite end of the device. Tighten the rest of the tube around yourself. Gripping the far end of the tube, be sure to pull slightly so that the penis is slightly overextended, but do not overextend so much that you are in pain. Being in pain is not going to expedite the process at all.  Once you have completed the previous steps, leave the penis in the device for at least four hours.

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3. Practice Literal Exercise

Losing weight may make your penis look bigger.  Some men are so overweight that a significant fraction of the penis is hidden by body fat.  A big stomach may easily make a penis look a lot smaller than it really is.  This phenomenon is so ubiquitous, even among people who are not particularly overweight, that it’s received a name from medical professionals: buried penis syndrome.  Your penis should be buried in your partner. Not your stomach. Improving your physical condition will make you look longer, and it will improve your stamina in the bedroom.

4. Get Surgical Exercise

The cock-thickening process and the cock-lengthing process are two different beasts, but let us start with the former. WIth regard to developing a thicker penis, the following process is required.  First, fat is taken from fleshier parts of the body, then a surgeon injects that fat into the penis for purposes of penile expansion.  In many cases, this process results ultimately in the fat being reabsorbed by the body, in which case the entire surgery is nullified.  Getting surgery to thicken your penis might also result in deformities such as unwanted curvature or otherwise asymmetrical erections.

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Naturally, the cock-lengthening surgery is slightly different. As fat is used to thicken a penis, skin from other body parts is used to lengthen the penis.  This length can be achieved by severing the ligament that connects the base of the penis to the pelvic bone.  When this ligament is severed, the penis hangs out from the skin more.  After the ligament is cut, skin from the abdomen is grafted onto the shaft of the penis.  This entire process may increase size by as much as half an inch without actually affecting the intrinsic length of the penis.

These surgeries are not without risks.  One can experience infections, scarring, and numbness as a result of the above exercises, so be careful with lengthening techniques.