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I’ve had the recipe for this for years, and I’ve been meaning to post it, but I’ve always lost my recipe once I got home, so I had to make another batch. I’ve been eating them for a few years now, and they’re still going strong. If you want to pin this for later, make sure you read the rest of the post to get the recipe!

As a gluten-free, low carb blogger, I try to make everything I can from scratch. I love baking but sometimes I struggle with getting my recipes to turn out right (I blame it on the fact that I’m naturally a bit of a perfectionist!) I was thinking about the fact that I love avocados, and came up with these delicious cookies. They’re flourless, and have a great texture.

I am a huge fan of Avocados, and I think they are one of the best foods that you can eat. In addition to their high-quality fats and nutrients, they are very versatile and can be added to almost any meal. In this recipe, I will show you how to make an Avocado Fudge Cookie that is low carb and low calorie.

Do you have a surplus of avocados? Make these Cookies with Avocado Fudge to avoid wasting them and to have a wonderful, guilt-free dessert to snack on! To make this dish come to life, all you need are a few simple ingredients, twenty minutes, and a chocolate yearning.

Flourless Chocolate Cookies are one of our favorites!

Apart from the use of one of our favorite ingredients, avocado, what we like best about this recipe is that it is flourless. That’s correct! If you’re allergic to nuts or don’t have any almond or coconut flour, you may still prepare and eat these fudge cookies. 

These Low Carb Fudge Cookies are made using healthy fats from avocado and completely nut free, flourless, and keto-friendly!

Our white chocolate mini cheesecakes and baked rice pudding are two additional wonderful flourless dessert dishes on our food blog! We always have a couple of fundamental ingredients on hand in case a chocolate craving strikes.

Are you allergic to tree nuts?

Well, fortunately for you, I do as well! I discovered my allergy eighteen months ago, and since then, I’ve been on a mission to make all nut-containing delicacies tree nut free. It’s inequitable that Matt gets to sample all of the desserts while I sit and watch. Here’s a list of some of my favorite nut-free treats to make for the whole family or for the next school bake sale! Desserts that are nut-free and keto:

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1. Cookies with Chocolate Chips 2. Creamy Coconut Pie 3. Brownies with Fudge 5. Pumpkin Fudge 4. Chocolate Tart

Trust me, the list goes on, which means you have plenty of options in the dessert section of our food blog if there comes a time you tire of the five recipes above!

These Low Carb Fudge Cookies are made using healthy fats from avocado and completely nut free, flourless, and keto-friendly!

Cookies with Avocado Fudge with No Flour

You can’t say no to cooking this meal for your family because it has such fantastic macros and is packed with healthy fats from avocados. Don’t forget to add some nuts or seeds to make it your own! Make more than one batch of these Avocado Fudge Cookies because they won’t last long.

These Low Carb Fudge Cookies are made using healthy fats from avocado and completely nut free, flourless, and keto-friendly!

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Avocado Fudge Cookies

Avocado and chocolate fudge cookies made without flour.

17-minute total time

9 cookies per serving

Serving size (calories) 60kcal

Time to prepare: 5 minutes

Time to Relax: 5 minutes

Time to prepare: 12 minutes


  • Preheat the oven to 350°F and prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper.

  • In a large mixing basin, dice the avocado in the peel. As much as possible, mash with a fork.

  • Using a hand mixer, blend the egg, erythritol, stevia, and salt until the consistency is homogeneous.

  • Combine the cocoa powder, coconut flakes, and baking powder once more.

  • Scoop 9 cookies onto the baking sheet with a cookie scooper. Spread the cookies out to your preferred size with a spoon or your finger.

  • Top with lilys chocolate chips or shaved bakers chocolate if desired. Preheat oven to 350°F and bake for 10-12 minutes, or until firm. 

  • Allow for a five-minute cooling period before handling. 

  • Best kept in the fridge for up to one week in a zip top bag. Enjoy!


Serving Size: 1 Cookie Net Carbs: 2g

Nutritional Information

Avocado Fudge Cookies

Per Serving Amount

60 calories Calories derived from fat: 36

daily value in percent*

Fat 4g6%

Carbohydrates account for 41% of the total.

2g8 percent fiber

2g4 percent protein

* Percent Daily Values (%DV) are calculated using a 2000-calorie diet.



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These Avocado Fudge Cookies are the perfect low carb dessert, and you can make them in just a few minutes! Full of flavour and a healthy kick of avocado, they are a must try!. Read more about 3 ingredient keto chocolate cookies and let us know what you think.

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