6 Pros and Cons to Consider When Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an integral part of any business organization that is looking to flourish and achieve success in today’s competitive market. Proper digital marketing allows you to gain greater audience reach for your business which in turn leads to an increased number of clients and product sales.

Having a digital marketing specialist, like a reliable SEO Berater, working actively on your digital marketing campaign can help you achieve great marketing results. While third-party freelancers are often considered to be the best choices for digital marketing in most businesses, they are still third-party professionals and not your own employees.

This train of thought often leads to an internal conflict that stresses you out on whether you should outsource your digital marketing operations or not. To help you make that decision, we will be listing several pros and cons about outsourcing your digital marketing today that will surely guide you to a wise choice.

Pros of outsourcing digital marketing

1. Expertise

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The most major advantage of having a professional freelancer working on your case is that most of the freelancers on the market today have years of digital marketing experience – which is oftentimes much more than what your employees can have. They also have the advantage of learning several digital marketing tactics and strategies by working at other companies.

2. Cost-effective

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This point may seem counterintuitive at first. After all, many freelancers take a much higher hourly rate than your employees. But when you think about it, it is actually more cost-effective to hire a freelancer than to hire an employee specially designated for a digital marketing job.

You don’t have to worry about the employee’s benefits and guaranteed salary and can instead use those resources for freelancers whose contracts end the moment they finish your job.

3. Access to multiple features

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When you outsource your digital marketing needs to a third-party agency, you get unlimited access to several of their features and experience. You can choose any feature that you want to incorporate into your digital marketing plan – an option not available with working employees.

Cons of outsourcing digital marketing.

1. Brand inconsistency

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A freelancer doesn’t dedicate his resources to a single project alone. He works on multiple projects and tends to often utilize common resources and tools between them. This can create a huge brand inconsistency for your business which is why third-party digital marketing work often needs to go through quality checks first.

2. No managing authority

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Freelancers are masters of their own will. They take whichever project they please and whenever they like them. You have absolutely no control over them and cannot tell them to dedicate themselves to your project alone even if you feel like it – a liberty you are allowed with your own employees.

3. No personified touch

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Freelancers don’t work for your business organization alone. Thus, they may not be able to present the personal touch to your clients that you have attached to your business organization. They will, however, try their best to fulfill all your requirements but it just won’t be the same as having your own employee work for his own company.