6 Motivational Turkish Sayings You Must Know Before Visiting Turkey

So you have been planning to visit Turkey this year? This amazing country has so much to offer. With one of the most different landscapes, big history, and the most delicious food you can imagine, Turkey should be on your bucket list. In the areas that are not tourist-friendly In large cities, there aren’t many who can speak English Therefore, knowing some Turkish fundamentals is extremely beneficial. If you are invited to a family’s home in the area to enjoy Turkish tea or coffee and tea, even knowing the smallest of phrases will be valued.

The ability to comprehend the Turkish spoken language is crucial especially when you have to say”no. Turkish hospitality can mean that you’re served more food and drinks than you’d like. To stop the flow, hold your hand over your heart and say no. If you’re being pressured by someone to spend money or buy something and saying no isn’t working to stop the flow, simply tilt your head upwards and down while making a quick Tsk sound using your tongue. It may be rude to do this, but it’s effective. So visiting Turkey will prove as an amazing holiday and something that you remember for your whole life!

With all that said, let’s list some of the best Türkische Sprüche and their meaning. The language is so vast and has such powerful sayings and proverbs that are universally wise.

1. Bir yastıkta kocasınlar

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“May they grow old with one pillow”

This love saying is a beautiful thing to think about anyone and it shows how little can be enough for two people. We wish you the same with your partner!

2. Ciğerimin köşesi

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“The corner of my liver”

This is another wonderful expression of love and gratitude. It shows that someone is deeply ingrained in you and that you love that person dearly. Some mentions of this expression can be found in love poems.

3. Güle güle gidin

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“May you go with a smile”

This is another thing to wish upon someone whom you love and whom you want to be happy. May they smile along with their whole life and current trip.

4. Elenize sağlık

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“health to your hands”

This one is especially good when you eat someone’s good food. A beautiful way to say that you enjoyed the food and that that person knows what are they doing.

5. Geçmiş olsun

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“May it be the past”

If you have someone who experienced something bad in their life, this is a great way to recognize that the past should be in the past and to wish them good luck and good health in their future.

6. Ayağını yorganına göre uzat

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“Don’t stretch out your hands more than your sleeve can”

This is a smart one that teaches the value of money and life in general. You should not do more than you can and you should know your limits before blindly jumping into something. It teaches us to be wise about our decisions.

So with all that, we hoped we inspired you to learn some Turkish or at least some