10% Bodyfat or Bust

There are so many people trying to reach a 10% bodyfat level right now that it is hard to keep up with the different methods being used. There are several sites that provide good advice, but a lot of them will tell you to use a certain method, then when you don’t see the results they talk about being “un-optimized” or not “gaining the fat you wanted”. With that in mind, I though I’d share a few things that I have done to overcome my own issues with bodyfat levels, and see if they might help you.

I have been training in some capacity since I was 16 years old. I have been lifting weights for about a decade, and have been following a generally Paleo diet for about 6 years. I have tried almost everything for fat loss with little to no success. I am a big believer in game theory. I feel that I should be able to “beat” the fat loss game no matter what I do.

Losing body fat is not that difficult. Especially if you’re already pretty big. Extra exercises. Less sugary drinks. A little more protein and healthy fats. You know how to do it. But getting your body fat down to 10% or less is an entirely different matter.

It is true, to get your body fat below 10% you need determination, knowledge and effort. It’s not just at the expense of toast and jam. Fortunately, forum member Nicruzer has found a way to achieve the perfect balance of purpose, knowledge and effort. And today, in this interview about success, you’ll find out all about it:

  • He came close to developing diabetes
  • What he does to stick to his food plan despite the obstacles.
  • How it all comes down to a simple decision
  • That sometimes you have to talk to yourself
  • Strategies to enjoy the fitness journey, not just the destination
  • How do you prioritize health and fitness on a daily basis?
  • Similarities between the Ten Commandments and the Commandments
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Success profile

Name in PN forums : Nicruzer
Real name: Noel
age : 35
Paul : Male
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 75,5 kg
% body fat: 7.8%

How/why/when did you start living a healthy lifestyle?

I began my journey to a healthy lifestyle at 16. April 2006. I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor two days earlier and learned that my blood levels were too low in several areas, including cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar. The only reason I made an appointment with my doctor was because I was afraid of becoming diabetic.

You see, my father is now in a wheelchair as a direct result of his diabetes. He suffers from complete kidney failure and has to be dialyzed three times a week. He spent a lot of time in the hospital as a result, and his life changed completely, including losing his job.

My two brothers are also diabetic. My family history made me realize that if I didn’t do something for my health now, I might have to do it later. I decided that if I was going to be forced to eat right and exercise, I might as well start doing it.

My weight went up to 216 pounds, 5’8″ and a half – a classic endo-mesomorph. It’s time for a change.

Being a very passionate person who takes everything in stride (as long as I can), I researched everything and got my hands on all the information about health and fitness. I started working out the day I decided to do something about my weight and health and I have never regretted it.

It’s amazing to see another example of this behavior – it really is the best way to make a healthy lifestyle change. Make a decision on day one and don’t look back! And judging by your photos, it works! Here’s another question…

What are your 3 keys to success?

First, I focus on health and fitness. …. every day! I tend to act on information, and that information should always be fresh in my mind. I try to read a new health article, scientific study or exercise program every day. That’s what I use to stay motivated.

NEXT – I’m talking to myself. Really! Ultimately, I am responsible for my own results, and if I fail, I have no one to blame but myself. If I waste my time listening to and believing those who speak, I will never achieve my goals. Instead, when I exercise or eat well amidst the temptations of those around me, I often have to say to myself: I can do it! I’ve done this before. I’ll do it again! Today I may not see results, but if I persevere, I will reap the benefits in the long run.

FINAL – Plan. Execute. Registration. Scholarships. Results. Say it again. For me, health and fitness is as much a journey as it is a destination. Yes, I want to be beautiful naked. Yes, I want to have an elusive belly with six toes. Yes, I must have excellent blood results and very good physical condition. These are big goals, and they are all part of what I want. But I’ll never get there if I don’t pay attention to the journey.

It’s like planning a flight. If the pilot deviates even one degree from the trajectory, he could land in a completely different country. This gives him the tools to navigate his path and adjust his course if necessary. My main weapon in this battle is the log (which I keep here on the PN forum). I use it to track my progress and measure each workout and/or meal.

If I’m not getting better with each exercise, then I’ve wasted my time. Every food opportunity and every workout is a new chance for success. I make sure I succeed far more often than I fail, and I don’t let my failures spill over into new opportunities. Without a record of what I did, I can never know if I succeed or fail!

Great advice – some of the best advice I’ve ever heard! You would make a great fitness and health coach! Okay, how about this: what are your 3 favorite ways to exercise?
Really, my favorite types of exercise are the ones that work! I don’t like wasting time, so I do exercises that give me a lot for the time invested. The three forms of exercise I choose most often are:

Source: bodybuilding.com

1. Full lifts
(weight training – squats, bench press, pull ups, push ups, etc.)

2. High-intensity interval training
(for example, the V-Max/T-Max workouts recommended by Dr. Berardi).

3. Strength circuit training (this counts as higher intensity interval training – as recommended by Craig Ballantyne).

I was wondering… No regular cardiovascular or endurance training. Work only with high intensity and high weights. Exactly what we were talking about the whole time. And what the entire population needs to learn…. in the near future! And as far as food goes… what are your favorites?

1. I never get tired of my daily morning meal, which is an omelet (with vegetables, low-fat cheese and low-fat ham or turkey).

2. I also have cottage cheese in various forms and I love it when it’s cooked well.

3. My other daily fare is apples in all their forms. Add some almonds to an apple and you have a great pre-workout snack!

I was wondering… This is the first time I’ve heard someone mention cottage cheese in their list of favorite foods. But I think you’ve discovered the power of cottage cheese + protein powder + fruit and/or natural peanut butter. Cotton cheese itself is disgusting…. Cotton cheese with the above products is delicious! We are constantly told how important sleep is to health and performance. How long do you usually sleep?
This is an area where I still need to improve a lot. During the week I work an average of 5 to 6 hours a day. On weekends this is usually increased to 8pm, with an afternoon nap or two just in case.

Yeah, you better go. But we don’t blame you. After all, you have lost a lot of fat and your body fat percentage is about 7%! As for the 5-6 hours of sleep, I’m curious about your schedule. And what does your typical day look like?
A typical day is pretty boring and routine, which works well for me. The less I have to think about it, the better.

  • I get up at 3:51 to get ready for work.
  • Weigh myself on the scale (yes, I weigh myself every day…. works for me!).
  • I’m going to the kitchen to make an omelet. This dish is so mundane that I can have it ready in minutes, especially if the vegetables are already cut and prepared.
  • Then I pack my lunch box, which is also very routine, so much so that my colleagues ask me if I’m eating anything other than what I usually bring to work!
  • When I’m at work, I pick feeding times of 7:30am, 11am and 2pm on autopilot. During lunch at 2pm my colleagues ask me if I have already eaten my second apple!
  • I usually take a brisk walk just before lunch at 2pm. (I usually eat my lunch at my desk, so the walk counts as my work break for the day).
  • When I get home and start working out again, I make myself a workout meal, a smoothie with protein powder, yogurt, milk and berries or banana.
  • After my workout, I’ll have dinner with my family.
  • Then I put the kids to bed, make a snack and relax with a book or watch TV.
  • I’m going to bed so I can start over the next day. ….

So you have a job and a family and everything. And remember, you can always find time to exercise. Most people are fine with others taking care of their condition, but are too busy to do it themselves. You just blew some lame excuses! Just a few more questions… My favorite addition…
protein powder… I drink at least a spoonful a day. It doesn’t matter what brand I use ….. I love being able to enjoy chocolate this way!

It’s, uh…
It’s a great way to live! I really like the freedom and simplicity (PN). I can live with this system without too much work. Ten rules? Yeah, um… That’s it!  Once upon a time, the ten good rules of life (ten commandments, my friends!) were engraved on various stones, and they still apply to today’s generation! Such simplicity is beautiful and effective! !!

The biggest challenge in controlling my body fat percentage is …..
Oreos and lack of support from close family (my wife) and friends. Yes, it is. When I eat one Oreo after ten Oreos, I wonder why I still haven’t stopped !!!!. Oh, my God! Anyway, I consider this my best meal of the week (month?) and move on!

The hardest part for me is when my friends and family make nasty comments and try to sabotage my efforts. I love to love, but I’ve learned that if I’m not there to love (because I died of a terrible disease), it’s a waste of time.

I have learned to accept the differences and focus on the other similarities. If my friends decide to leave me because of this, I have to ask myself if the relationship was worth it or not.

And of course, even if your friends don’t support you 100%, you can always count on us on the PN forum. There are over 26,000 of us cheering you on! Just a few more questions… I used to shop at …..
At the local Rainbow supermarket. My shopping list is simple: Vegetables and protein. Everything else is a bonus!

I usually train in the…
I train when my schedule allows, also taking into account my family’s schedules. The rest of the time I train at home on the treadmill and/or with weights. I also have a car at home that I use in extreme cases.

Well, Noel, thank you very much for the interview! I can say with certainty that it was educational. And thank you for painting an inspiring and motivating picture for all of us who strive for optimal health, fitness and a lean body!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 10% body fat too low?

No, 10% body fat is not too low.

How long does it take to reach 10% bodyfat?

It takes about six months to reach 10% bodyfat.

Does ABS show at 10% body fat?

ABS show at 10% body fat when the body fat percentage is below 10%.