3 Assisted Living Principles

Any given quality assisted living has 3 principles that they base their values upon. There is a level of research that should be done in order to feel confident in making the right decision when it comes to the safety of your loved one. We care deeply for our elderly loved ones and we know the respect that they deserve in such a fragile time of life. It is only fair that we do our part in ensuring that these loved ones are well taken care of, especially with the cost of these assisted living facilities. 3 assisted living principles should include; practicing ethics at all times, person-centered care, and a mission statement which will be explained further.

1. Practice Ethics At All Times

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The moral and ethical treatment of these elderly folks on all matters should be built on foundational trust with both parties. It is in the best interest of all involved that there is a quality level of care and transparency. There should be next-level integrity that is a base foundation of how the facility is run. Integrity is a way to ensure that all people are treated fairly and with the same level of care and respect. It should be their standard of care in every aspect in interactions with each patient. Of course, if you have a loved one being housed in an assisted living facility like Brigham City senior living, then you always want to be positive that they are not being treated any differently than others within the facility.

2. Person-Centered Care

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Fortunately, there has been extensive training done where the nursing staff at these facilities should be well-aware of the individual needs of each patient. This helps us to know that each person is going to get just a little bit of a different caring experience, but still very much centered on those personal needs. There is a unique treatment, as stated before. For example, one resident may greatly benefit from exercising each morning, whereas that same experience could potentially be dangerous for the resident across the hall. The same goes for a certain type of diet. The training of each nurse is important for these specifications.

3. Mission Statement

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It is important that each facility is transparent. An easy way to show their true values and standards is through a mission statement. Outsiders like ourselves should have access to these specific mission statements so that we can make better decisions based on the underlying values through their transparency. It is also important that each employee of the staff should be well informed on that mission statement and furthermore the true values of the facility. It goes a long way to see even an employee take such pride in their work environment to know and understand the specific facility’s mission statement.

Of course, there are exceptions to this level of trust and transparency. Lengthy research should be done before making an executive decision on the facility you and your family decide to home your elderly loved one.