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Do you know what food really is? Is it the sandwich you are about to eat, or the Nutella on your toast? Is the food you’re about to bite into really food, or is it the social interaction around that meal? What if I told you there are foods you can’t live without?

It is not a secret that diet and exercise does not work for every one. You may have tried, but still your weight has not gone down. It is not you who lacks determination, it is the diet that is not working for you. If you are looking for quick solutions, you should try the following 5 food.

There are certain foods that each of us cannot live without. They are our staple foods. These are the foods that help us stay on track. These are foods that ensure our meals are healthy and low in fat for our bodies. So I put together a team and in this week’s newsletter we decided to share our top five products with you.

Dr. John Berardi’s Best Foods

Products #1
Raw Mixed Nuts
Full of healthy fats, mixed nuts add flavor and a hearty crunch to any meal. And since I need a lot of calories, nut mix is a great way to add calories.

Food #2
Frozen Berries
High in antioxidants, with just the right amount of sweetness, berries are my favorite fruit. Store them in the freezer and you can take them out at any time and add them to all kinds of dishes, from oatmeal to super smoothies and more.

Product #3
Avocados are the fruit with the highest nutrient density on the planet. They are also perfect for chopping up and adding to salads or veggie dishes, in condiments, or just eating with lean proteins.

Food #4
Eggs with Omega-3
In addition to a few other foods, I eat eggs for breakfast every morning. And I often eat them as a snack before bed. Since I eat a lot of it, and often with egg yolks, I make sure to get my omega-3 in with every omelet, scrambled egg, frittata, etc.

Food # 5
Shrove Tuesday Beef
I am a proud carnivore. And lean beef is my favorite kind of protein. I eat about a pound or more of lean meat a day – usually in the form of burgers or grilled foods.

Nutrition #6
Protein Powder
As someone who eats 7 meals a day and because of my travel schedule, a good protein powder is just essential. If you’re looking for lots of ways to incorporate protein into your meals, check out Gourmet Nutrition.

Foods #7
It will come as no surprise to most of you that vegetables are on my list. A good vegetable product definitely reaches superfood status, so I usually take 1/2 to 1 serving a day at home and maybe more if I’m on the go.

Amanda Graydon’s best dishes

Product #1
Nut Butter
Almond butter, cashew butter, and of course peanut butter – preferably crunchy – are great for super shakes and bars in the style of Gourmet Nutrition.

Product #2
Fresh basil and spinach.
I now make healthy homemade pesto (straight from the cookbook) for everything. In fact, I use pesto for everything a traditionalist would put ketchup on. I get a lot of vegetables this way and love the added flavors to my dishes. For variety, I alternate between different types of nuts, from pistachios to pine nuts to cashews to almonds. Sometimes I add garlic for variety.

Product #3
Green Tea.
I like different kinds of tea. My last favorite is the Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea (from Matcha;

Product #4
99% dark chocolate.
Low in sugar, high in fiber and very healthy. Once I tried and tasted it, I never went back. An excellent book that teaches you everything you need to know about chocolate – Chocolate Connoisseur by Chloé Dutre-Roussel.

The best dishes of Phil Caravaggio

Product no. 1
Extra virgin olive oil.
A good olive oil tastes good, is good for you and lasts a long time.

Product No. 2
Everything tastes better with garlic.

Product no. 3
Dried tomatoes.
I can’t stand raw, unroasted tomatoes (my Italian family doesn’t like them), but I love sun-dried tomatoes and put them in everything: Sauces, pesto, frittatas, salads, etc.

Product #4
Pre-washed Organic Vegetable Mix.
In the summer I prefer to take my salads straight from the garden, but in the winter this is a great way to make a salad on the go.

Food No 5
I never thought I’d say that, because I hated eggs as a kid. But now I can’t imagine breakfast without it: Scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, or my favorite, the frittata. I prefer grass and pasture eggs when I can find them.

Chris Aiken’s best dishes

Product #
Frozen broccoli.
It’s a quick and easy way to eat vegetables. I put them in a tupperware with a pre-cooked chicken breast, also frozen, and heat it in the microwave when they are ready.

Product No. 2
Soy sauce.
I use it with natural peanut butter to make a fantastic sauce.

Product #3
Natural Peanut Butter.
Excellent for healthy fats; and versatile. I use PB most often with soy sauce to make peanut satay. I just add precooked ground beef, chopped garlic and vegetables.

Enter no. 4
Although, like Phil, I use different egg recipes, I eat eggs for breakfast every morning.

Product no. 5
I put spinach in every breakfast. It’s my favorite vegetable.

Ryan Andrews’ best food

Foodstuff no.
Frozen vegetables and berries.
It’s hard to always have fresh fruits and vegetables in the house, and frozen varieties last a long time.

Product #2
I love oats raw or cooked, I love oats while reading a book, I love oats after weight lifting, and I love oats with medjool dates even more. I’m officially a loser for making up that rhyme.

Enter no. 3
An excellent addition to a raw diet.

Product No. 4
Omega-3. Need we say more?

Food No 5
I keep them next to my collection of granola bars and pouches. This product is very rich in protein.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is one food you Cannot live without?

I cannot live without my family.

What are the 5 foods to never eat?

1. Raw eggs 2. Raw fish 3. Unpasteurized milk 4. Undercooked meat or poultry 5. Raw sprouts

What are the 3 foods to never eat?

1. Raw eggs 2. Raw fish 3. Unpasteurized milk

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