Hidden Health Benefits of Boric Acid

Boric acid comes from a natural mineral called Boron, and it can be found in our environment, as well as in some foods such as nuts. People take this particular supplement for a wide range of reasons, including as a treatment for osteoarthritis and yeast infections. But, what a lot of individuals don’t know is that this particular substance has other, hidden benefits too. Here is a list of 5 hidden benefits of consuming it:

1. It Can Be Used as an Antiseptic

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The very first hidden benefit of this mineral is that it has antiseptic properties. Hence, when mixed with distilled water, it can act as a wound spray, meaning that it can be applied to some smaller cuts or burns. Sometimes, it’s also used in dressings, including Boric lint. In most situations, it’s also used as a treatment option for insect stings & bites, sunburns, as well as diaper rash, however, it needs to be diluted first.

2. It is Used For Treating Yeast Infections And Itching

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Although most people don’t realize it, Boric acid can be used as homeopathic medicine, one that is suitable for treating a wide range of yeast infections. In most situations, it’s used in combination with other things such as vitamin E, friendly bacteria, and, of course, boric acid. Women in particular use this medicine as a way to get rid of vaginal itching and discharge that can occur from time to time. It can also help with preventing or treating athlete’s feet, which leads us to our next point…

3. It’s Great For Athletes And People Who Regularly Exercise

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Whether you’re an athlete or if you simply like exercising regularly, consuming Boric acid can help you improve your performance. For starters, it can help you with building stronger muscles & bones, however, it’ll also increase your testosterone levels and it’ll improve your muscle coordination. Additionally, since it has antiseptic properties, it could help you treat and/or prevent athlete’s foot by placing Boric acid powder into your socks or shoes.

4. It’ll Keep The Water in Your Pool Clean

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Not exactly a medical benefit, however, it’s still worth mentioning – boric acid can be used for cleaning swimming pools. How is that possible? Well, it will stabilize the pH levels and it will also eliminate algae. This means that it’ll reduce the number of chemicals you’ll require for keeping the water clean and sparkling. Additionally, if needed, you could use it for cleaning off fungi from the walls of your swimming pool.

5. It’s Used in The Furniture Industry

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This particular mineral has flame-retardant properties, which is one of the main reasons why it’s utilized in the furniture industry, mostly for manufacturing mattresses, insulation, as well as furniture pieces. Besides being flame-retardant, it’s can also act as a preservative of wood, meaning that it could help eliminate insects and fungi from wooden surfaces and furniture.


As mentioned in our list above, Boric acid has antiseptic properties, which is why it can be used for various things. From treating yeast infections to treating small cuts and burns, all the way to improving athletic performance, there is no denying – this supplement can help people solve different health problems. Keep in mind, before taking this supplement, it might be wise to talk to your physician, especially if you’re already on some medication.