From the creators of HonestlyWTF and HonestlyYUM comes HonestlyFIT – an informed portrait of living adventurously and actively with your community. We are here to inspire you to live your best, most fulfilling life through original coverage of outdoor adventure, wellness news and recipes, the best in gear, effective workouts and healthy living hacks. 


Orissa Rose | Executive Editor | San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Born in India and raised in Berkeley, CA by seriously outdoorsy parents, Orissa’s insatiable appetite for adventure and athleticism influences everything she does. Aside from FIT, she is a certified fitness trainer and urban development consultant.

Favorite workout: Soccer 

Wellness obsession: Herbal supplements 

Body part she loves: Shoulders for how they remind her of the strong women that raised her and that her athletic build is a part of her femininity.   

Erica Chan Coffman | Honestly Media Editor-in-Chief | San Francisco Bay Area, CA

A former citizen of NYC and LA, Erica now feeds her in addiction for anything handcrafted and bejeweled in Northern California. She brings her experiences as a mother of two, exquisite eye and love of luxury to FIT’s coverage of organic health and wellness. 

Favorite workout: LaGree 

Wellness obsession: Face rolling 

Body part she loves: Hands because she’s a very tactile person (hello, DIYs) and they enable her creativity. 


Grace Hartmann | Contributing Wellness Editor | New York, NY

Growing up in Berkeley, CA, Grace thought everyone grew their own vegetables, regularly visited the acupuncturist and spent their free time hiking. As an adult she moved to NYC and was pleasantly surprised to find that despite its rough exterior, NYC has its own impressive world of wellness and fitness offerings. When not investigating the latest in wellness trends, Grace is an interior designer and project manager.

Favorite workout:  Infrared yoga

Wellness obsession: Dry Brushing

Body part she loves: Legs because walking and biking all over New York is the best part of her day and those gams get her everywhere she need to go.

Sonia Langlotz | Contributing Editor | New York, NY

A California native, Sonia’s love for all things active started at an early age with soccer, volleyball, softball and swimming. Those fond memories now share space with her passion for boxing, which she has cultivated over the past 10 years of her NYC residency. When she’s not living her best life as a brand strategist, you can find Sonia in the ring boxing and instructing or sweating it out at hot yoga!

Favorite workout: Boxing

Wellness obsession: Facemasks

Body part she loves: Arms! I’ve thrown thousands of punches and it shows. Defined arms are not usually considered feminine so I’m proud to start breaking down that mold!


Fueled by the passions of Editors Orissa and Erica, HonestlyFIT became the newest member of the HonestlyMedia family in 2018. Executive Editor Orissa Rose explains “I love being a stylish city slicker and a beast mountaineer who teaches friends a love for the outdoors, but feel like there aren’t enough examples of how rewarding and accessible that dual life can be. Since FIT is all inspired by things our editors actually do, we can bridge the gap between holistic wellness, fitness, selfcare and rugged exploration in an accessible way that motivates folks to trying new things”. Erica is excited to add FIT the the Honestly Media family for how it adopts the structure of YUM and WTF but on an entirely new subject that our readers haven’t seen from us before. She explains, “Now more than ever we want to give our audience honest insights and practical tips to live a life full of love for themselves, their community and the environment we live in”.


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