From the creators of HonestlyWTF and HonestlyYUM comes HonestlyFIT – a new destination dedicated to living adventurously and actively with your community. With direction from Executive Editor, Orissa Rose, FIT will leverage inspiring photography and first hand experiences to share a unique take on all things fitness and wellness related. Audiences will be inspired to live their best most active lives through FIT’s original coverage of outdoor adventure, international travel, health news, the best in gear and effective workouts. Honestly’s Editor-in-Chief, Erica Coffman will bring her exquisite eye and love of luxury to FIT’s coverage of organic health and wellness, while Orissa Rose will showcase the many ways to be active and achieve personal goals while having hella fun the entire time. “I love being a stylish city slicker and a beast mountaineer who teaches friends a love for the outdoors, but feel like there aren’t enough examples of how rewarding and accessible that dual life can be. Since FIT is all inspired by things our editors actually do, we can bridge the gap between beauty and fitness and rugged exploration in an accessible way and motivate people to reward themselves by trying things they’ve never thought of or actually attempted” says Orissa. Erica is excited to add FIT the the Honestly Media family for how it adopts the structure of YUM and WTF but on an entirely new subject that our readers haven’t seen from us before. She explains, “Now more than ever we want to give our audience honest insights and practical tips to live a life full of love for themselves, their community and the environment we live in”.

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