Why We Love dosist
As friends and avid followers know, discovering dosist completely changed my perspective on cannabis. The product’s specificity, ease of use and efficacy opened my eyes to the role this sort of plant medicine plays in living a happy and healthy life. As someone who’s battled anxiety and sleeplessness for many year, I’m passionate about sharing […]

Quick & Easy Springtime Salad
The season has come when all the produce is poppin! With so many beautiful fruits and vegetables available, anyone can compose impressive, delicious and nutritious salads in under 10 minutes. Here are our tips… INGREDIENTS MATTER: Whenever possible opt for organic and local vegetables. Trust me on this, the science is there. INVEST IN A […]
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The Scoop On Collagen
We're breaking down the truths behind collagen and sharing two delicious ways to enjoy it in the form of coffee in the AM.