Working Out But Gaining Weight? Don’t Stress!
It’s not uncommon to see the numbers on your scale go up when starting a new workout program, but it can definitely be disconcerting if your goal is to slim down. Today we tackle why that happens and what it may mean if this happens to you… REASONS WHY SCALE NUMBERS CAN INCREASE EVEN IF […]

Activewear Trend We Love: Bows & Ties
A roundup of the brands and styes introducing delicacy to traditionally sporty designs and colorways with robust bows and satin ties this spring.

Brand to Know: The Upside
This Australian brand delivers bold gear for men and women that sets you apart from the rest.

Female Designers at Nike Reimagine Classics
Nike pulled together 14 of their most talented female designers, colorists and materials specialists, and gave them two weeks to create five updated versions of the iconic Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1.