From National Park campgrounds to my Instagram feed, these days it seems you can’t go anywhere without seeing a tricked out adventure van.  I’ve always considered myself more of a tent/ sleep-under-the-stars kinda gal, but a recent camping weekend with a supped up van has me reconsidering that position. I mean, it’s awfully convenient and cozy to have a mini kitchen and real bed along for your adventures, especially when the weather gets nasty. While on this trip through Utah and Oregon, I met a diversity of #vanlife people, ranging from young couples in an old Volkswagon, to a former wall street investor in a solar-panel clad Mercedes Sprinter. It got my wheels turning about van living and led me to some great sources of inspiration that we’re excited to share with you!

Vanlife Porn

If you simply want to scroll through endlessly inspiring pictures of supped up vans in mountains and on sandy beaches, then Van Life,Van Life Movement and Project Van Life have you covered. These accounts aggregate epic #vanlife pictures from all over, doing all the hard work for you.

Female Perspective on Van Life & Safety

A Girl and Her Van is a great resource for women traveling alone, or for gals who are newcomers to van life and want some honest guidance. Alexandra doesn’t regularly update her blog, but each post she shares is valuable – providing info on van solar, finances on the road, safety, etc.

Novice Couple Becomes Expert Vanlife Advisors

Since the years we played high school lacrosse together Juliana Linder has been busy building her best life…literally! Several years ago, she and her boyfriend launched @homesweetvanto share honest reflections about leaving the city behind for life on the road. Their instagram and blog are refreshingly honest and rich with information on everything from self love while living on the road to tips for finding safe overnight parking in a pinch. The couple started out by teaching themselves how to build the van that would best serve them, and chronicled all their lessons learned in a recently published book. In one interview, Juliana remarked, “Living in a van brings with it some discomfort, which is one of the reasons we chose to do it in the first place. We both believe that it’s one of the best ways to learn more about yourself and the world, putting yourself in uncomfortable situations”. Their candor and warmth has gained them a loyal following and anyone considering a full conversion to the van life will be well served by heeding their advice.

Van Life Down Unda’

Aussies sure know how to do it, so it comes as no surprise that van life in Australia looks pretty darn good. As we approach winter and American feeds become concentrated with gloom, Aussie pictures of van life are fabulous reminders of sunnier times! If you do decide to peruse Van Life Explorers, good luck keeping your FOMO in check!


If you’re ready to build your own check out The Vanual, a great site for highly specific details on the materials needed to craft gorgeous vans.

(Images via Van-LifeElise Cook, Alexandra Ulmke, Tamberkley BrothersThe Vanual, HomeSweetVan)