As friends and avid followers know, discovering dosist completely changed my perspective on cannabis. The product’s specificity, ease of use and efficacy opened my eyes to the role this sort of plant medicine plays in living a happy and healthy life. As someone who’s battled anxiety and sleeplessness for many year, I’m passionate about sharing this news with everyone I know, so was delighted about FIT’s second 420 collaboration with dosist! Last year we hiked at sunrise; this year, we gathered members of the Bay Area fit fam for a sweaty boxing session followed by some blissful cannabis education. Let’s dive in…

Why we love dosist

dosist was once described to me as the “Apple of cannabis”, which is a pretty perfect descriptor and coincidentally the title of a new Highsnobiety article. From the compact sizes and sleek design to their unique formulas and controlled dosage, there really is nothing NOT to love. Seriously. Everyone from Jane Fonda to Diplo agree with me on this! Here’s what to expect:

  • Controlled dose – I always want to know exactly what is going into my body, which makes the dosist pen perfect for me. The dose pen guarantees a consistent 2.25mg dosage every time thanks to optimized temperature control, airflow control and time control. Since a vibration notifies you once a full dose has been delivered, you never have to worry about getting too much or feeling poorly. This is a BIG DEAL!
  • 2 Size Options – All dosist pens are available in two sizes — 200 and 50 doses. The smaller, 50-dose pen (approx $50) is a great option for gifting, anyone trying the product for the first time, or if you want to buy a variety of formulas! Once you find what you like, go for the 200 dose pen and you’ll be set for a couple months. Compared to other pens, these are the smallest and most discreet I’ve found.
  • 6 formulas for every mood – The two best sellers are Bliss and Calm, but honestly…I love them all for their own reasons.
    • BLISS is a 9:1 THC-to-CBD ratio that helps you feel just the right amount of good. It’s my favorite daytime pen and the one we highlighted for this week’s GO420 event!
    • CALM this is the non-psychoactive formula with a 10:1 CBD-to-THC ratio and a calming terpene blend that promotes inner peacefulness. This is a great first pen for anyone wary of a THC buzz and my go-to for use throughout the day when I’m feeling stressed and need to work.
    • SLEEP this THC-focused formula in an 8:1 THC-to-CBD ratio that puts me to sleep like a happy baby. This is the one our beloved Jane Fonda endorses!
    • RELIEF is an athlete’s answer to an achy body. It’s 2:1 THC-to-CBD ratio is loaded with inflammatory combating terpenes that are designed to provide relief for mild to moderate pain.
    • AROUSE is a great one for a night out (or in) with people you love. The THC-forward formula is designed to help you feel aroused and enhance your excitement naturally — I love it for being social at parties.
    • PASSION similar, but a little more saucy than arouse, this THC-driven formula is designed to increase sensuality and heighten your sexual experience. Thank me later.

How cannabis works in a FIT life

Instead of seeing 420 as a day to bake yourself away, we’re reframing the day as an opportunity to practice self-care and be active with your community! Not to get too technical here, but cannabis can so dramatically enhance your health because its active ingredients directly interact with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) — AKA the most prevalent network of receptors in the human body. The receptors composing the ECS are the most prevalent neuro-receptors in the brain and are prolific in the immune system, organs, bones and skin. They influence appetite, sleep, energy balance, metabolism, stress response, immune function, muscle spasticity, reproduction, neurogenesis, and pain. All this is why finding a good, natural product that can support optimal health across all those arenas is the smartest choice you can make for yourself.

Bliss: Our favorite active formula

To share my favorite formula – Bliss – with my favorite fitness people, we gathered everyone together for an epic boxing class at Park Gym and followed it up with some shopping at Harvest dispensary in San Francisco. I associate the bliss pen with energy, vibrance and movement. Accordingly, it seemed only right to bring friends together for a workout full of movement, music, laughter and cheering! If you haven’t gotten into boxing yet, get with the program! It’s a perfect combination of cardio, strength training and high-agility body movement. Since part of class is spent working the bag with the help of a partner, you also get a nice social experience and some much needed encouragement while you sweat.

My bag partner Claire from dosist was a total BEAST! rawr!

Boxing & Bliss

How to get your own dosist products

As dosist grows, so do your options for purchase! Bay Area residents should check out Harvest’s two SF locations. This ultra chic and comfortable dispensary has an incredibly curated array of all-natural cannabis products and highly knowledgable staff. If you’re in a different city, check out dosist’s locator to find a store or delivery service near you!

That’s all for now! Wishing you a happy and healthy 420 and beyond Xx

(Images by Cru Creative, Harvest and dosist. This post was created in collaboration with dosist, all opinions are our own)