Quick & Easy Springtime Salad

April 18, 2019

The season has come when all the produce is poppin! With so many beautiful fruits and vegetables available, anyone can compose impressive, delicious and nutritious salads in under 10 minutes. Here are our tips…

  • INGREDIENTS MATTER: Whenever possible opt for organic and local vegetables. Trust me on this, the science is there.
  • INVEST IN A GOOD KNIFE: Making pretty salads is a lot about how you cut your produce. Kyocera’s larger ceramic knives are excellent quality and a great place to start for around $40. Shop below!
  • CREATE BALANCE WITH YOUR DRESSING: I’m partial to pairing citrusy fruits and spicy greens with creamy dressings. The heavier dressing helps ground the light produce and makes the dish feel more like a meal than an appetizer. For a quick dressing, I use a dip / sauce in my fridge (like Zhoug, tahini, bitchin) for the base and lighten it up with olive oil, lemon and/or water.
  • MAKE PREP A PARTY: Turn on music, put on an apron, pour a drink, set up a bowl station (1 for scraps, one for chopped items) and enjoy! Focusing on nourishing your body is a great form of self care and mental relaxation. 
  • DON’T FEAR FAT: Aside from your dressings, experiment with nuts, avocado, olives and seeds to make your salad a satisfying meal. Eating a diet comprised of mostly plants is awesome but you also need the calories and nutrients that healthy fats deliver (e.g. oils and nuts). I use copious amounts of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and Sesame seed oil in salads and veggie sautés. When buying olive oil always make sure it’s extra virgin! The other stuff is mixed with crappy refined oils. I love strong flavors and am obsessed with anything Cobrham Estate makes. Just like produce, quality counts – so resist the temptation to buy the cheapest option on the shelf. As for nuts, my basic advice is to buy organic, in bulk and get adventurous!

Nicely explained, I actually prepare this salad today for my family, it tastes delicious. It is a guaranteed method of fast cooking and does retain the nutritive value of food. Thanks

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