I’m a firm believer that the best way to improve fitness is to learn from others better than you. Every year, I like to focus on deepening my skill in one realm of fitness that interests me and find experts whose knowledge can expand my potential. In 2017, it was long distance running. In 2018, high intensity interval training. This year, I’m focusing on yoga!

Growing up in Berkeley with a yogi mom, I’ve practiced since age 10 but now find myself wanting more than what I can get from group classes. For me in 2019 that means specialized workshops and retreats. Tomorrow is my first workshop! 

Don’t worry, FIT won’t turn into a yoga blog and I’ll still share all the other things I love to do AKA burpees. I think sharing my experience getting into the weeds of a yoga practice can be an interesting and funny experience for all of us! You game?

image by HonestlyFIT