Why dump a bunch of synthetic ingredients onto your skin when natural ones work great?! Since the beauty and skincare industry is not regulated like food, ingredients like antifreeze (propylene glycol) can end up in your moisturizer. Yikes! Clean skincare and beauty products are ones made without toxic ingredients, animal testing, and substances linked to health harms. Better still is that these good-for-you products don’t have to be bad for your bank account! Here are my current favorites, with options priced as low as $7!


Good skin starts with skin that is cleansed but not stripped. I use gentle foaming cleaners almost every time I wash my face, and an exfoliating scrub every other day.


In case you missed it, using a toner after washing your face is critical to skin health! Cleansing our skin with soaps and warm water opens pores and oxidizes our skin. Using toner helps your skin protect itself from more bacteria and rebalance PH. You’ll feel the difference! If using a spray bottle, I mist my face directly. If there is not a spray pump, soak a cotton pad with toner and wipe your face.


After cleansing and toning my skin, it’s moisture time! I use creams when I’ll be wearing make-up and opt for oils before bed or when my skin feels especially chapped after a day in harsh winds or elements.


This past year was my first legitimate foray into at-home masks and peels, and I’m hooked! While not as transformative as professional facials and treatments, these products noticeably boost skin luminance for a fraction of the cost. The Drunk Elephant mixer kit is a good place to start for beginners.

Images by Drew Graham and Ika Dam