Ideas, photography and activities to inspire happy, healthful holidays.

  • Fun, no-equipment workout videos to do with your family – Whether you like dance, barre, HIIT or kickboxing, Pop Sugar has you covered. They complied 40 different 30-minute workout videos you can do anywhere. Scroll through and find the one that is best for you … and maybe your relatives?!

  • Stunning Childbirth Photography – The imagery from the 2018 Winners of Birth Photography Contest is not to be missed. No matter who you are, these images are powerful reminders of the magic that is new life.

  • Last Minute Gift Ideas that Are Meaningful – “Give more love, less crap” is the essence of this post. Check it out for 7 gift ideas that more about experiences than material goods. This is a great approach for anyone who is in a last minute gift pinch and/or trying to practice minimalist living!

  • Easy and Delicious Detox Tea – Support liver health and satisfy your tastebuds with this detox tea that you can make from spices in your cupboard!

  • Don’t Beat Yourself Up for Lackluster Holiday Exercise, Just Do What You Can – It’s okay if your holiday workouts aren’t the best. We can be hard on ourselves when holiday craziness disrupts our exercise routine, but try not to stress about it. Jen Miller from NY Times Health explains “The holiday season is a busy time, with travel, family visits, upended schedules and sleighloads of treats and drinks…Go easy on yourself. If you don’t get in the last .18 miles [of your run] because you ran with some friends in ugly Christmas sweaters, that’s O.K. If you flew across the country and are struggling to get through a speed workout the next morning: that’s O.K. too — even if you cut it short or just skip the speedwork part. Unless you’re hurt, some running is better than no running, especially right now. My coach has told our training group that it’s a tough time for a lot of people and to try for at least 20 minutes a day rather than not running at all. If the holidays aren’t merry and bright for you, and you’re having a rough time, put on your running clothes and run for a mile. If you feel great, keep going. If you don’t, at least you moved your muscles a bit and got away from the houseful of relatives. Remember that the picture-perfect Christmas is sometimes a lie we tell ourselves.”