Game-Changing At-Home Fitness Equipment

December 21, 2018

In recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of elite at-home fitness equipment and the market continues to grow. Peleton bikes may be the greatest example of this. Instead of going to spin class, Peleton bring the class to your home bike with recorded sessions from professional coaches. But what if you want to do strength training? That’s where Tonal comes in! Founded by a crew of San Francisco fitness experts, the Tonal machine is a sleek, wall-mounted device that delivers LEGIT strength workouts. First, you select a workout type (varies by length, focus area and goals) and video from one of the excellent Tonal trainers. Then, the device’s electromagnetic engine and two adjustable arms activate to take you through a workout with the same intensity, weight loads and variety that you get from an entire weight room. I tried it and it’s not joke – felt sore for two days afterwards! Read more about Tonal here and check out Liz Letchford, one of my favorite fitness influencers, who is part of the founding instructors crew! Bay Area residents can test out the product in the SF showroom, so take advantage! Tonal is especially game changing for those of you who aren’t fans of gym weight rooms and group classes, or anyone who works long hours and needs something convenient to support an active lifestyle.

Images by CRU | Creative for Tonal

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