Things I’m Loving This Week

November 30, 2018

A collection of the articles, gear and art catching my eye this week…

Starting top left corner, moving clockwise..

    1. Koral’s Austin Energy Sport Bralette is giving me all the festive vibes! As if the asymmetrical gold netting wasn’t enough, this bra features an emerging trend (the bra drawstring!), which allows you to adjust to your heart’s desires.
    2. Thoughts on Fall and the joys of letting go by Sara Tasker.

    3. How wellness influencers transformed Indian food from demon to darling of the health world. This article is an important and great read!


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      “India is home to 1.3 billion people, and lately, it seems, 1.3 billion wellness trends…Everyone can spell ashwagandha, and Ayurveda, India’s thousands-of-years-old holistic healing system, is now an Instagram hashtag with over a million posts (many of them featuring white women). To put it simply, Indian food has become the darling of the health world,” writes @khushandoj. “It’s a radical shift from Indian food’s long-standing reputation in the West of being the spicy, cream-laden, junky takeout that would stain your nails, make your clothes smell, and give you inevitable stomach issues. So how did the perception of Indian food swing from diarrhea to detox?” Here Shah talks to @basuratnam, @sanajaverikadri, @vandanasheth, @abrowntable and more about how exactly wellness influencers have made Indian food a trend. Head to the link in our profile to read it. 🎨: @bryan.fountain

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    4. Darner socks are my latest obsession! Great way to add some sass to an athleisure look! All their Nylon Mesh and Velvet socks are cut, sewn and designed in L.A. Shop all their goodies here
    5. Great Inspiration for Creatives. Adam Kurtz is an artist, author, designer, and speaker whose book Things Are What You Make of Them is full of all the quotes and inspirational reminders we need! Read his full Instagram caption for more background and a $5 off code! While you’re at it, maybe buy two! This could make a great gift for a creative friend or someone embarking on a new life adventure.


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      2 copies for $19 (link in bio) so you can gift this tiny rainbow book to that person in your life who’s full of awesome potential and just maybe not 100% sure what they’re doing with it all the time… and if that person might just be you… i feel you. @thingsarewhatyoumakeofthem is 13 handwritten chapters of “life advice for creatives” which is a cute way to say it’s a bunch of common sense and commiseration that’ll resonate with anyone who’s ever MADE anything in a way that’s friendly, funny, and definitely NOT preachy or untouchable. because we’re all just out here in this huge fucking world trying our best. disarmingly cute so we can cut to the heart of the whole thing. topics include success, failure, figuring out your voice, collaboration, starting over, working from home, getting over fears, and how to be a happy person when you basically tie your sense of self-worth to your creative accomplishments. and plenty more with humor and heart from someone who’s been carving out their own little space in the world for *checks notes* over a decade somehow. save $5 off a $20+ book purchase on amazon with the code NOVBOOK18 until december 1st. get two of this book, or mix and match any of my others! more discount info at the link in my bio.

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Happy Weekend!

Great round up ! ✨

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