Did you know that women pay more for the exact same plastic, disposable razors that are sold to men? It’s not just razors, which is about a 13% price difference, it’s other personal care items, toys and clothing. WTF, right? This price injustice has a nickname. It’s called the Pink Tax, named because of the color of products directly marketed to girls and women, and it refers to the price disparity between female-specific products and gender-neutral goods or those markets towards men. Say hello to Billie, a new subscription based female-focused company that is disrupting the industry with their high quality razors (for half the price), shave cream and lotion. Co-founder Georgina Gooley was inspired by the absurdity of the Pink Tax and was determined to tackle it head on – and has even inspired Serena Williams, who is one of their most recent investors. And not only do their razors give you an incredibly close and smooth shave, thanks to their aloe encased uber sharp blades, Billie celebrates womanhood by reinforcing that shaving should be personal choice, not an expectation, with their Project Body Hair campaign. YES. We’re 100% fans of the product and brand.

(Billie Razor Start Kit $9)