The holidays can be stressful and full of indulgences, but fear not! Essential oils are a quick, natural and extremely effective way to calm your nerves, ease a hangover or remedy an upset stomach…

Why Essential Oils Rock

Essential oils are the lifeblood of plants. They bring nutrients into plants via the soil and oxygenation, and help repel parasites and viruses while simultaneously attracting key nourishment. Even more awesome is that an essential oil cannot tell the difference between its mother plant and our bodies so they perform the same and deliver these awesome benefits to us too! Aromatherapy is proven to be a very useful tool in provoking energetic and emotional shifts, thus it is a great and safe bet for finding quick relief this holiday season.

How and Where to Use Them

You can reap the healing benefits of essential oils in three ways:

  1. Aromatically – This method has an immediate and powerful effect on our emotions – just think about how strongly a particular smell can evoke an old memory or feeling. Upon inhaling an oil’s scent, our smell receptors are stimulated and transmit messages to the limbic system, the part of our brain that controls emotions. Accordingly, depending on what oil you select you can almost immediately feel more happy, energetic, calm and/or well. You can get this experience from a diffuser, mist or by rubbing a small amount of oil between your palms and raising your hands to your face.
  2. Topically – Think temples, wrists, neck or any special areas that need healing treatment. Due to the strength of quality essential oils most topical uses require some blending with a carrier oil. Rollers like the ones pictured here are already prepared for you to use directly on your skin! I love to use soothing essential oils blends on sore muscles, or on burns.
  3. Internally – You can also ingest essential oils via your food or water, however if going this route note that it is critical to use the highest quality products that have no been diluted with inferior oils! Brands we love and always trust are DoTerra and Saje.

Our Favorites (+ shopping links)

  • FOR STRESS RELIEF: LAVENDERRelax and soothe with this ancient favorite. Ideas include: rubbing it on your temples or behind your neck; adding to a bath, spritzing on pillows or diffusing this blend.
  • FOR DETOXIFICATION: LEMONThis versatile oil can be used in natural home cleaning products or to help your purifying and reinvigorate! After a long night of holiday parties or to combat general feelings of sluggishness, add some drops to your water or diffuser!
  • FOR HEADACHES, HANGOVERS & UPSET TUMMIES: PEPPERMINTThis crisp oil will refresh you no matter what ails you. Eat too much or feeling bloat? Add some peppermint essential oil to your water or tea! If you’re feeling groggy and having sinus pain use this aromatically for a welcome release. I am so obsessed with this peppermint roller from Saje that I always keep one in my car and purse!
  • FOR REJUVENATION: FRANKINCENSENicknamed the “King of Oils”, Frankincense is ideal for cellular and skin rejuvenation and creates a sense of tranquility, satisfaction, and overall wellness. It’s the perfect self-care oil as you recover from hosting parties, running around on little sleep and overstimulation.

Cheers to a happy and healthy holiday! 

Photos by NatVon Photography for HonestlyFIT