To make exercise a consistent part of your lifestyle, it’s imperative that you feel positively about it! But sometimes (or maybe most of the time), exercise is perceived as a chore, not a treat. If you view being active as a burden or obligation, you’re less likely to stay consistent and reap the benefits of a fit life. So here are some suggestions for how you can improve your attitude towards exercise…

1. Do what you love, not what is trendy! 

Finding the exercise type that is right for you is the biggest and most important tip! You don’t have to do what your friends do. You don’t have to love Soulcycle, yoga or running – to each their own! It is far more beneficial to your mental and physical health if you identify a form of movement that makes you happy and doesn’t create any stress or anxiety. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to determine what you’ll love most:

  • Do you prefer to exercise alone or in groups?
    • Alone? Consider swimming, hiking/running, or at home exercise programs.
    • In groups? Opt for group classes, find events on MeetUp and/or join a recreational sports team (soccer, kickball, softball, etc)
  • Do you like your exercise to include a social component?
    • If yes, make standing workout plans with a buddy or beloved coworker.
    • If no, that’s great to know and you can look forward to exercise time as sacred “you time”.
  • Do you feel best when you exercise in the morning or evening?

2. Invest in quality gear you love.

Workout clothes, shoes and equipment that is well made and well-fitting will instantly enhance your exercise attitude. These investments help boost confidence and performance! Check out our favorites here and below!

3. Use a journal or paper calendar to track your progress… then, reward yourself!

Buy a journal or paper calendar and tack it up somewhere highly visible in your home. Every day that you move your body in whatever way you feel proud about, draw a big star in that box. At the end of each week, if you hit your goal, reward yourself with a small selfcare treat, like a nice candle, facemask, mani/pedi, eye mask, etc. After completing one month of consistent movement, treat yourself to a new piece of workout gear. This may sound super materialistic but it doesn’t have to be something you practice forever. Doing this at the beginning of your improved fitness journey helps make the experience a positive, enjoyable one in your mind, which delivers long-term benefits.

4. Attend a workshop, retreat, active adventure or convention.

Workshops, overnight retreats and conventions like Wanderlust are great ways to quickly deepen your expertise in a movement arena, and meet likeminded people! After you’ve completed an intensive dives into yoga, running, dance, fitness, river rafting, or whatever you choose, you’ll experience a deeper connection to that form of movement and be more inclined to keep developing your skills.

Images by Andrea Posadas for HonestlyFIT