Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Wellspring, the inaugural wellness gathering organized by the crew behind the wildly popular Wanderlust festivals. Simply put, it filled me with immense inspiration and knowledge, that I now want to share with you…

The three day Wellspring event in Palm Springs featured industry leading innovators, teachers and socially-conscious companies who support wellness of the individual, community and environment in diverse ways. Sessions were organized around four pillars — Practice, Think, Sweat and Restore — and today I’m sharing my favorite spiritual leaders who are definitely worth knowing about.

angel Kyogo williams

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  • Who she is: Zen priest, author, trainer and spiritual teacher.
  • Why to follow: Her works explore and connect the worlds of personal transformation, community wellbeing and social justice. She is simply captivating. Her speeches and books are recommended for anyone with an interest in Zen Buddhism, American History, racial justice and/or a perspective on self transformation from a queer woman of color.

Ambi Sitham

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  • Who she is: Life coach, astrologer, reiki master, sound healer, meditation teacher and podcast host.
  • Why to follow: Ambi describes herself as a change agent – a modern day alchemist who strives to be a catalyst for positive change in people’s lives. Her instagram is full of thought provoking and meditative reminders and her soundbaths are a delight to the senses. Ambi left her life as a London laywer once upon discovering the tremendous healing power of southbath meditations. I thoroughly enjoyed her soundabth and recall her explaining that before reaching for more medications to heal what ails us, we ought to explore the ways that  soulstrology and reiki soundbaths can infuse cosmic consciousness and groundedness into our lives. Her passion is to help others to create alchemy in their lives – mind, body and soul.

Elena Brower

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  • Who she is: Author, yoga teacher and speaker, Elena Brower is influenced by several yoga traditions and recognized internationally for her expertise in offering practices to approach our world with realistic reverence.
  • Why to follow: Her posts are full of important and compassionate daily reminders to check in with yourself, reflect and take action. She also shares great information about topical books, podcasts and other wellness leaders to know.

Lauren Ash

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  • Who she is: A wellness visionary, yoga and meditation guide, writer, and founder and executive director of Black Girl In Om.
  • Why to follow: Lauren is creatively and passionately working to make the world of ‘wellness’ a better, more inclusive and dynamic space. Through her podcasts, blog, meditation guides and much more she is creating and cultivating experiences and content for women of color that the industry desperately needs. Following her on instagram is a great way to be reminded of your right to belong, enjoy shared community and deepen your practice of radical self love.

Mary Beth LaRue

instagram | website

  • Who she is: Yoga teacher, life coach and the co-founder of Rock Your Bliss
  • Why to follow: She shares advice for living more at peace through relatable antidotes that gently nudge you in the direction of being more well. Her commentary is raw and sweet, always leaving you feeling comforted.

Russell Brand

instagram | website

  • Who he is: Comedian, writer, actor and wellness leader.
  • Why to follow: He’s sober, really funny, honest and produces timely content with high profile guests. You’ll learn a lot.

Feature collage by HonestlyFIT, wellness leader images courtesy their websites.