With so many brands and style options, it can be difficult to know which sneaker is the best bet for an all-around athletic shoe. Today, we weigh in!

Over the years, I’ve raced, danced, hiked and much more in a variety of sneaker brands. And while I love many for one particular use, it wasn’t until recently I discovered a pair that serves me so well across the board…

Enter my favorites – the Hoka One One Hupana 2! I wear (and love) these for runs, crosstraining workouts, hikes and anytime I want to feel light stability underfoot. They are always the sneakers I pack for trips and weekends away. The hyper responsive and durable Hupana’s now come in a lot of colors, and wool and knit styles so you’re bound to find a pair you’ll love for everyday use. Read my coverage of Hoka One One’s collaboration with Outdoor Voices here, and shop styles below!

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Images by Andrea Posadas for HonestlyFIT and Hoka One One