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August 28, 2018
Gear Well

This week’s edition of content, gear and products I love…

From upper left, moving clockwise:

1.Biker short bonanza! Bike shorts as streetwear are having a major moment, which I can definitely get behind. I love the sheen, length and leather jacket styling of the pair pictured by Carbon38. If that’s not your cup of tea, rest easy – options abound across a range of colorways and price points. I style my favorite longer biker shorts with a distressed graphic T, lots of necklaces, sunnies and high top sneakers. Here are some of my favorites:

2.Discount code for amazing produce box – My love affair with the organic fruits and vegetables from Imperfect Produce has been well documented here and on instagram. I share my love of greens with a deep fondness for companies that make quality produce affordable, accessible and work to reduce food waste. I came upon Imperfect Produce a couple years ago and have been a diehard fan ever since. Every week, I get a diversity of delicious, oddly shaped produce that grocery stores don’t want, at a fraction of the price. The best part is my ability to customize my box each week and have it delivered straight to my doorstep! AKA if you are busybee and also very anti-kale or cabbage, just note it and consider it done! If you’re curious to try it out, use code HONESTLYFIT for 50% your first box! If you want to learn about the very real issue of food waste, read more here.

3.Favorite natural deodorant – As a very sweaty gal, my foray into natural (non-antiperspirant deodorants) has floundered. Some varieties I tried were baking soda based and irritated my skin. Others delivered nothing – it was a rock, or lacked a nice smell and/or offered no assurance that I was in fact applying an effective solution to my pits. Accordingly, it’s been a delight to discover the Megababe Rosy Pits deodorant – which full lives up to the hype! It smells amazing, lasts long and does not irritate my skin! It’s currently backordered, so get on the waitlist ASAP and in the meantime, try out their “Bust Dust” boob sweat spray or anti-chafing “Thigh Rescue” stick, which is majorly useful for distance runs!

4.Sk8 Vans – I am obsessed with this style, and will even go so far as to say that I think these are the best Vans offers. This year, the bolder styles have really been catching my eye. Checkers, animal prints, bold colored piping and high performance materials remix these classic shoes into a great focal point for any athleisure look. Here are some of my picks, but honestly, I encourage you to customize your own pair! For some inspiration, check out this account by a verified vans fanatic, Denise.

5.High waisted cargo pant – I am so into the pictured ones by KITH but they are already sold out, thus these more budget friendly pairs will do just fine (option 1 and option 2). These would go great with a pair of the above mentioned Vans and a crop top. For a real ‘look’ buy a size up and layer cargos over your bike shorts! I always pair baggy pants with a crop top or tight T for contrast, and badass babe vibes.

6.Scenic sauna – I’m trying to plan a relaxing trip for my upcoming 30th birthday. I’ve been exploring spots in Central and Southern California because I’ll be down there for a wedding, but of course, the idea that is most appealing to me now is this floating sauna in Lake Huron, Ontario. I’ve shared (below) how I approach birthday celebrations and use the time to prompt reflection, so what I do know for sure is that I better prepare to answer to the friends that I always subject to this!


Scenes from this morning’s birthday hike for my bro 🙌🏼 Birthday traditions in my family always include doing something active and taking time to reflect on the past year and the one to come. Here are some of the ways I enjoy making birthdays special for the people I love: ➡️Make a plan to do something active (ideally outdoors) and take care of all the logistics (driving, location selection, etc) so the birthday person can relax. ➡️Pack a surprise array of food/drinks that you can enjoy during your excursion. This morning, I brought coffee, cut fruit, mini cakes and a birthday candle. On evening excursions, I’m all about red wine, salami and carrots. ➡️Demonstrate your interest in their life and growth by devoting some time for them to reflect and share with you. I always ask about their 1-2 best moments/highlights from the past year, and what they are eager/optimistic about for the year to come. ____ Happy birthday, bro! I love you!! ___ #activefamily #activeliving #activebirthdays #sibleyvolcanicpreserve #eastbayhikes #eastbayregionalparks #optoutsideeveryday #hikersofinstagram #hikerlife #birthdayhike #sundayfunday #familieswhohike

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7.Davia King’s powerful art and commentary on being ‘woke’ and the importance of always doing work on ourselves. Follow her for beautiful art and insights.

“We are at a tipping point. Throughout history of humanity I observe some pretty horrific examples of what we are capable of doing to one another. The nazis , slavery, women being treated as possessions, killing people because they are queer, separating children from their families seeking refuge ect. These things don’t happen because the majority of us are evil, no there are actually I think just a few who could earn this title. These things happen because we are complacent. We are followers. And we are so easily deceived! We do nothing when these things begin to happen thus they go on for x more years until we get a little more “woke”. But eventually we do. More and quicker are the voices ringing out from the crowds calling for help and justice. The problems around the world are not because our country is just so much better and we’ve got to keep those “bad”people out. They are the same as us just on the other side of the fence. Our convenient fast food, plastic filled, keeping up with the Jones, botox injected living has rippled out across the planet. After years of exploitation, greed, and taking whatever is wanted we have left these war ridden, resource depleted, raped lands and then shut off our borders and claimed it’s not our problem we separated your family when you tried to get over our border. We never said you could come experience our life. We’ve earned this. We exploited you! Don’t you dare make us confront our choices. No! Go back to where you came from and let us go back to pretending this is OUR land and we deserve to be here living this life at your expense. It’s the tipping point. And yes this message was for you. Because no matter who you are, I guarantee you, you’re still not as woke as you could be thus why you are still alive, learning to get woke.

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