Here we have a variety of books, gear and wellness resources that have been inspiring me lately.

Starting from top left, moving clockwise:

  1. Sunrise SUP session in the Ellejay Thais One Piece
  2. Beautiful, emotional and encouraging reflections on divorce from nine diverse women
  3. Favorite poetry of late: Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, whose instagram is definitely worth a follow
  4. Chillaxing to the max in my Monrow sweats, I adore (and highly recommend) these blush ones, these camo ones and this retro rainbow stripe pair.
  5. Mari Andrew is a writer and illustrator based in NYC whose work seamlessly knits humor with tender reflections on love, loss, hardship and personal growth. Her book and instagram are little joys.
  6. Breastfeeding awareness – I am not a mother but as more of my friends welcome newborns into their families I’ve paid more attention to the politics around breastfeeding. This month is “National Breastfeeding Month” and two things have got me thinking…
    • The Educated Birth – beautiful, illustrations and educational materials designed for birth educators and doulas (but also amazing for laymen!) to prepare expecting parents for well-informed, empowering birth.
    • Trevor Noah breaks it down
  7. Girlfriend Collective’s Bodysuits – I NEED!
  8. Beyoncé discussing motherhood, faith and body image in Vogue’s September issue, which she directed and was had shot by the first Black photographer to do a Vogue cover in 126 years. Marjon Carlos wrote a fantastic commentary on the significance of Beyoncé and other Black women’s September covers.