We are obsessed with loop bands because these affordable, small and lightweight bands allow you to get a seriously great workout anywhere you are…

Whether you’re traveling or looking for the perfect addition to your home gym, resistance bands are highly effective and inexpensive gear to get for a full body workout. They’ve claimed a space in our hearts because you can use them in small spaces, they are especially fun for working on glutes and useful strength rehabilitation tools after an injury! Scroll on for demos of 5 of our favorite moves and to save this FIT loop band workout that you can do anywhere, with anyone!


Bridge & Pulse

Shoulder Sculpts

1. Bridge & Pulse (works glutes & hamstrings): Place band just above the knees. Lay flat on your back with feet on the floor hips distance apart. Bridge up pushing hips and glutes off the floor. At the top of your bridge, push knees away from each other to add resistance on the band. Bring knees back to start and slowly lower back to starting position. At the end of each set of 20 hold your bridge at the top and pulse your knees apart for 20 counts before lowering for a quick rest.

2. Shoulder Sculps (works shoulders & upper back): Place band just above elbows. Start with arms by your sides, elbows bent at 90 degrees (forearms should be parallel to the floor). Create a tension on the band by pushing your elbows slightly apart. Maintaining the 90 degree bend, lift forearms parallel to the wall you are standing across from and have forearms frame your head. Keeping the tension on the band, slowly lower arms to starting position. Make sure to keep your shoulders away from your ears as you do this movement.

Shuttle Steps

Oblique Teapots

3. Shuttle Steps (works outer glutes & quads): Place band just above knees avoiding knee joints in any way. Start with feet shoulder distance apart. Sit in a mid to low level squat placing weight in heels (you should be able to wiggle your toes), with your chest up and knees just barely pushing apart. Start by moving to the right and stepping with your right foot creating extra tension on the band. Bring left foot in so feet are back at starting (hip-width) position. Keep butt back and chest up as you continue to take steps in the same direction. Stay Low!

4. Oblique Teapots (works side body): Place right foot inside of band and step to hold down under front pad of foot. Feet should be hips width distance. Place left arm behind head. Grasp opposite end of band with right hand. Contract left obliques to slowly rise so head neck and spine are in one straight line. Concentrate on using those obliques as your rise and resist the urge to create momentum with your shoulders or arms. You may have to adjust your grip on the band depending on length. More tension will be more difficult, less tension will be slightly easier. Slowly guide your right hand along your right thigh back to starting position.

Wall Taps

Wall Push Ups

5. Wall Taps with Pushups (works chest, arms & abs): Place band just above wrists. Stand with arms straight out from shoulders, palms and hands pressed against the wall. Start with hands shoulder distance apart. Apply tension to the band while tapping left palm up 6 inches, left 6 inches, down 6 inches. After each tap, return hand to start before moving to the next direction. After all three taps are finished switch to right arm. After all three taps are finished on the rights side, complete 5 modified tricep pushups against the wall by lowering your forearms directly against the wall, palms and hands stay in contact and elbows stay tucked in. Push through palms and fingertips to straighten. Complete taps and 5 pushups for 1 set. Goal to finish 5 sets!


Sonia is wearing Outdoor Voices, Images by HonestlyFIT.