Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pansy‘s irresistibly comfortable pieces, ethical labor practices and environmentalist mission make them a women-owned business 100% worthy of our love. I’m opt for their sports bras for low-impact workouts like yoga, and love the cotton drawstring pant and crop top when traveling in humid climates. The subdued tones of each garment are created using only natural dyes, evoking Northern California’s foggy headlands and bountiful meadows. The icing on the cake that is this adorable brand is their resource consciousness. All of Pansy’s garments are hand sewn from organic cotton and spandex sourced from recycled PET plastic, meaning less waste for the earth and a treat for your waist! I’m all about it, you?

(Images courtesy of Pansy, garment prices range $38 – 160 with most items coming in under $100).