Based in San Francisco, CA and Austin, TX, Shelter Co has been making tents that beautifully blend aesthetics and applicability since 2012. Read: these are must-haves for those who appreciate nature’s beauty and sleeping under the stars, but seek something more elevated than a cramped performance tent on dirt. We suspect the rapidly growing popularity of these tents at outdoor weddings, concerts and office retreats is thanks to the ways they give folks an open air experience, while still accommodating comforts like proper furniture, high roofs and swanky decor. The icing on the cake is that the company is mission minded, so you can enjoy stylish shelter with a clear conscience that your gear is doing some good!

Central to Shelter Co’s design of each glamorous tent is a focus on function and transportability. They fold up into a chic carrying tote and can be assembled in minutes with two people.  Having one of these glamp-worthy tents in tow may be just what you need to overcome your or a loved one’s aversion to camping. And while Shelter Co isn’t yet tricking their tents out with built-in bidets, they are a values based company, thus earning our #GearForGood stamp of approval. Last fall, the company showed support for Native American rights in North Dakota’s pipeline fight by donating one tent to the cause for every tent purchased. My current favorite is the Meriweather Lite Tent in Dusk, whose subtle peachy palette reminds me of High Sierra sunsets amongst the granite, but without all those pesky mosquitoes.





Aside from a relaxing trip, I love the idea of using these tents at a wedding or solstice party. Grab some rugs, comfy chairs and throw and these tents perfectly complete the outdoor, natural-chic vibe.




(images courtesy of Shelter Co)