Last fall, I convinced Erica to join ClassPass and began taking her to some of my favorite studios around town. She soon became obsessed with Lagree Fitness because it delivers a great, low-impact workout in under 1 hour. I’m also a big Lagree fan, so jumped at the opportunity to sit down with Kate McKlean, the owner of our favorite spot, Bold Studios. Read on for the fundamentals of this super effective workout and what you need to know in advance of your first class!


  • A high intensity, low impact workout that is great for building delicate muscles and strength.
  • A full body workout in 40-50 minutes.
  • Not pilates! Some aspects of the workout feel similar to Pilates, but Lagree is more focused on strength and cardio. Traditional Pilates is associated with gentle, restorative movements, and slower transitions.
  • The workout is done on a machine called the Megaformer, which is only found in Lagree studios.
  • Designed by fitness expert Sebastien Lagree, the first Lagree Fitness studios launched in 2001 and now certified studios are open worldwide.


  • Everyone! Seriously, there are endless ways to modify movements if you’re a beginner and abundant challenge options that more advanced students can do to push themselves.
  • People recovering from injury. A big draw for many folks is that Lagree is a safe way to improve strength after surgery, pregnancy or injury. Kate explained that because the Megaformer is larger than a Pilates Reformer machine, it is especially well equipped to support larger bodies, men or folks working to improve balance.


  • None! If you’ve taken a Pilates class before, things will feel slightly familiar but there is still a lot of movements and machine positions to learn.
  • Above all, walking into class with a good attitude is what will serve you best! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and mess up. We’ve all been there and it usually takes 2-3 classes to get into the groove.


  • Depending on the studio, you may need sticky socks (we love these).
  • Everything done on the machine is via quick transitions and you don’t get rest breaks (which is how you get cardio and toning)!
  • Almost constant movement queues from the instructor. Be sure to listen closely and show up early to have the Megaformer described to you, that way you won’t be totally baffled when you hear instructions about back platforms, springs, pockets, etc.
  • Occasionally, small weights and other props are used in class. I’ve found this to vary between studios and like classes either way!


  • Do everything slower than you want to. It’s tempting to power through challenging positions, but keep your pace slow and steady to get the most out of the class.
  • Consistency is key! Results will come if you make a habit of incorporating these classes into your routine. I try to do one Lagree class a week to balance my cardio and heavy weight workouts.

Images by HonestlyFIT and InstaPhysique