Female Designers at Nike Reimagine Classics

January 26, 2018

Last week brought the unveiling of the Nike 1 Reimagined, a sneaker pack of 10 reworked Air Force 1 (AF1) and Air Jordan 1 (AJ1) styles. Whether you’re a sneakerhead or not, this is news we should all pay attention to! Since their introduction in the 1980’s these two shoes have occupied a space among the world’s most popular sneakers, and not just for male hoopers but also in women’s fashion and international street style. What really has me loving the Reimagined 1 collection is the story behind it. Nike pulled together 14 of their most talented female designers, colorists and materials specialists, and gave them two weeks to create five updated versions of the AF1 and AJ1. The eclectic team was encouraged to create new interpretations of the shoes by exploring how to infuse more femininity into the classically male designs and letting their pure love for design and innovation lead the way…

“The group started by pulling and grouping imagery, intent on defining the dimensions that make a woman. They discussed the athletic mindset and fashion trends — both in isolation and where the dots can and do connect. Additionally, they examined the elements of each of the shoes, both initially designed by men for male athletes, which have enticed female wearers and could be further accentuated…the groupings formed five pronounced personas: explorer, lover, sage, rebel and jester”. The result of this creative get down is some badass kicks, each different enough from the next to keep it interesting, but all retaining classic elements of the AF1 and AJ1 parents they descended from. I’m crushing over the AJ1 EXPLORER XX and AJ1 LOVER XX, and excited to see which stylish musician or athlete steps out in the AJ1 JESTER XX. The kicks are available starting February 7th, which will you choose?

Images by Nike 

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