When a brand defines themselves as ‘future forward bodywear for strong, powerful women’, it catches my attention. When that same brand is consistently nominated for fashion awards, promotes body positivity and keeps their price point reasonable, they keep my attention. That is the essence of my love affair with Chromat

Founded in 2010 as an athletic and swimwear brand that would be anything but ordinary, Chromat is the brainchild of Becca McCharen-Tran. Each collection is made in New York City using highly technical fabrics and drawing inspiration from Becca’s background in architecture, and the result is high performance gear that’s like nothing you’ve seen before. Whether you opt for a strappy crop top or badass colorblocked leggings,  Chromat’s rich blues and pops of neon against silky black make you feel as though you’re sliding into a futuristic scuba party that also happens to be spin class! I’ve especially loved watching Chromat’s rise because they always keep it fresh. Each season the team uses 3D printers, interactive video and cutting-edge design tools to produce garments that explore the intersection of technology, fashion and architecture while still keeping it functional for fitness. For the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, Chromat took inspiration from life vests and floatation devices designed for extended survival in rough, open water. They then collaborated with outdoor brand Klymit (a leading manufacturer of sleeping bags and pads) and designed inflatable swim and outerwear garments that provide internal buoyancy and  help the wearer stay afloat and protected if needed. Talk about badass! With pieces as low as $40 and a commitment to giving back to civil rights organizations like thee ACLU, Chromat is most definitely a brand to know. But hey, don’t take it from me – just ask other fans of the brand, like Serena Williams or Beyonce! NBD. 

Chromat $40 – 250