Everyday while in Australia I’ve been impressed by the stylish activewear and gear that locals sport and eyewear is no exception. Surfer bros and beach babes love Otis Eyewear – an Australian brand that is surely one to know for their sweet designs, high performance lens technology and sustainable manufacturing. All Otis frames are made without any plastic and with naturally sourced,¬†distortion-free, scratch resistant mineral glass lenses. Aussie friends report that they’ve owned their lenses for years and dropped them many a times, yet incurred no damage to the sunnies! Now that is the kind of durability you want when investing in luxury sunnies that can hang with you during sports and on the streets. I’m eyeing a pair from the Rose Gold Collection for myself and planning to gift a pair from the LIT collection for my dad, who spends a lot of time on the water in his kayak. Which are you digging, mate?

(Otis Eyewear $90-$200)