We all benefit from motival sayings that help get us through the week or to take on a new project, so today we’re serving it up! Today’s bravery theme is inspired by this season of gatherings and resolutions, and Cheryl Strayed’s 2015 book Brave Enough. The book is a rich source of quick, digestible guidance that delivers motivational quotes which can help you reflect inward and garner the strength to tackle lifestyle goals around compassion, self care, fitness or mindfulness. To support these brave endeavors with a visual tool you can use, we printed Cheryl’s bravery quotes onto images from the incredible Indonesian artist Fajar P. Domingo.  You can save and use these images as your phone wallpaper, add to your Pinterest, or simply bookmark them to return to when you need some reassurance!

Images adapted from Fajar P. Domingo by HonestlyFIT