As a self proclaimed gearhead concerned about the impact our lifestyles take on natural resources, it’s always a pleasure to discover brands whose gear is as awesome as their commitment to sustainability! British company Finisterre qualifies for that distinction thanks to their high performance equipment that is crafted from recycled materials and designed for minimal environmental impact without ever sacrificing fashion. Better still, they offer great clothing options for men and women that will make for unique gear gifts this holiday season. Read on for why this brand from across the pond is one to know.

Finisterre was founded in 2003 by a hardcore British surfer who dreamed of creating a company that was gentle on the planet and fully met the needs of adventurers with an insatiable need to explore the harsh climates and cold waters that lie at land’s end. Fast forward to today and it’s fair to say his dreams came true. Finisterre’s products for men and women ooze effortless cool thanks to slim cuts, jackets with minimal bulk and vibrant earthy tones that can bring energy into even the foggiest of days. Their winter lookbook shot in Iceland wonderfully captures the spirit of the brand — strong enough for the meanest shores but stylish enough for any outing you’ve got scheduled this winter. Beyond the fisherman inspired knits and badass sneaker collaboration with Vans, we’re obsessed with the many ways that the Finisterre team goes above and beyond to be a responsible company and educate its customers…

Better waterproofing technology – Most waterproof clothing keeps you dry by treating the fabric with fluorocarbon-based Durable Water Repellents (DWRs). Unfortunately, over time and through washing, those fluorocarbons leach out of the garments and into the water system, which is no good for humans or wildlife. This year, Finisterre completely eliminated the use of fluorocarbons in their entire waterproof line, so you can be dry and guilt free!

Tackling the wetsuit waste problem – Like so many types of adventure gear, wetsuits need to be replaced ever couple of years, which means huge amounts on non-biodegradable waste is created. Finisterre partnered a British University to try and get past the band-aid approach and figure out a long term solution. Finisterre founder Tom Kay explained, “There have been some great advances in eco wetsuits and the search for alternatives to petroleum based neoprene, but the real elephant in the room for the watersports industry is what to do with a wetsuit at the end of its functional life. It’s a massive, global problem that we need to address; in this day and age there has to be a solution, and this is what we’re committed to finding.”

Better Insulation – After ten years of research and development, Finisterre developed two types of polyester insulation that outperforms animal down by alomst 50% in wet conditions, and is made from 100% post-consumer recycled content. Vegans and mother nature lovers, rejoice!

(Finisterre $ 12- $ 415)